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Stellar Blade could have crossover with profitable franchise



Just as we see PlayStation exclusives coming to Sackboy: A Big Adventure and The Last of Us, Shift Up could do something similar with Stellar Blade. Owner of NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, the developer does not rule out a possible crossover to promote the PS5 title in the future.

Hyung-Tae Kim, the game's director, confirmed in an interview with Push Square that he is considering options for how these universes can intertwine. According to him, this will depend on the fans: if they ask, they may be answered.

Yes, of course, if that's what the users want, then we can do anything that pleases them. We are currently just discussing how we can do this to maximize the appeal of the event. We are also considering how we can maximize the synergy between the two titles.

stellar bladestellar blade
Source: Shift Up

Stellar Blade is made by Shift Up, which has NIKKE as its current success. According to data released by Sensor Tower (via Push Square), this gacha is one of the biggest on the planet and delivers monthly revenue of US$25 million per month to the studio.

Stellar Blade will have fishing, difficulty levels, costumes and more

Hyung-Tae Kim also commented on the other gameplay aspects that await Stellar Blade players in an interview with Famitsu. Want to know more details? Click here and stay informed!

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