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Stellar Blade DEMO will allow you to transfer save files



Despite having already been removed from the PS Store, Stellar Blade's free DEMO left some interesting information. When it launches, the test will allow players to transfer their save files to the full version.

According to a post by Internet user “Frankfurtter_” on X, the demonstration will include the first moments of the campaign. However, even with the DEMO boss being defeated, it will be necessary to face him again if players purchase the definitive version of the game.


In the DEMO, you can play part of the first section of the game. If you play the full version after finishing it, your save data will be synced and Eve's journey will continue from the save recorded right before the demo's final boss fight.

Stellar Blade DEMO could be released — officially — soon

Anyone who enjoyed the Stellar Blade demo for the few minutes it was available is already familiar with the beginning of the game. However, those who didn't take advantage of Sony's failure will have the opportunity to embark on the adventure soon, according to an update from Shift Up.


This weekend, the South Korean studio would have posted it in its bio on the official X account (via “Genki_JPN“), a message suggesting that they were working on the DEMO — now removed. Therefore, it is possible that the test content will reach the PS5 in the coming days.

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Stellar Blade will be released on April 26th for PS5. The title is available for pre-order on the PS Store, guaranteeing cosmetic bonuses for everyone who purchases the game in advance.

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