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Stellar Blade director explains decision to launch the game on PS5



Shift Up's decision to release Stellar Blade as a PS5 exclusive on consoles was carefully analyzed. During the process, the studio reportedly came to the conclusion that Sony's next-generation platform would offer the “best gaming experience”.

According to director Kim Hyung Tae, in an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu, launching hack 'n' slash on the PlayStation machine is a “dream since I was a child”. With this, he and his studio would be about to consolidate a project that has a “special meaning”.

We had a feeling that we wanted to release a highly complete game on a single platform. When deciding which platform, we came to the conclusion that the PS5 would provide the best gaming experience…

I've given a very serious answer so far, but personally, as a fan of Sony games, 'making a PlayStation game' has a special meaning to me. This has been my dream since I was a child.

Stellar Blade will be released on April 26th for PS5. Pre-sale starts this week.

Stellar Blade's world will be semi-open

Shift Up has confirmed that the world of Stellar Blade will be semi-open. Thus, players will be able to explore several interconnected regions from one operations center: the city of Xion. Click here to learn more.

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