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Stellar Blade pre-sales in Korea include vinyl and pen-drive



Physical media resist! At least, in South Korea, pre-orders for Stellar Blade, which is a title from a local developer, have a cool incentive for those who purchase the game in its “traditional” edition. Players will be able to choose between two really cool bonuses: a vinyl and a game-themed flash drive.

There is still no information about the availability of these items in the West, but the profile Shift Up World released images of the content on social media:

Additionally, a report from Twisted Voxel suggested that the digital pre-load will come with the latest update pre-installed. This update would join the Day One patch and increase the size required for the application to launch on the console.

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Stellar Blade will be released on April 26th for PS5. The title is available for pre-order on the PS Store.

Stellar Blade will have a balanced combat system

Shift Up has confirmed that Stellar Blade's combat will be balanced. Even with the fast action and challenging enemies, the game will offer several learning and improvement tools to facilitate confrontations. Click here to learn more.

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