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Stellar Blade update has been causing visual bugs



A new update for Stellar Blade arrived a few days ago and brought new outfits for Eve, as well as more configuration options. However, some players have reported that the update has caused visual bugs, specifically in Graphics and Balanced Modes. It appears that Shift Up is aware and will work on corrections.

Complaints point out that there are many blurry images in both modes when the character’s clothes are changed, in addition to affecting the main menu screen. Players are opting for Performance Mode until fixes are available.

On social network X, the official Stellar Blade account thanked the community for reports and assured that an update should be available soon.

Thank you for the report. We are aware of this issue and are working with SIE to quickly resolve it. Please have pacience!

Stellar Blade has DEMO removed from PS Store, but reaches PS Plus Deluxe tests

Those who tested tested, those who didn’t test, will need to subscribe to PS Plus Deluxe (or buy the game directly). Stellar Blade no longer has a demo on the PS Store and, now, the only way to get a taste of the game is through the trial catalog. Look here!

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