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Stellar Blade will have fishing, difficulty levels and customization



This week, Shift Up shared many details about Stellar Blade — from inspirations to gameplay mechanics. The PS5 exclusive on consoles promises to be complete, taking players into a frenetic action experience full of activities.

According to director Kim Hyung Tae, the title will be a challenging hack 'n' slash, but accessible through difficulty levels. Throughout the campaign, there will be fights against bosses with unique patterns, where combos, defense and evasion will be essential elements for survival.

Shift Up tells players to carefully study each enemy's actions, as is necessary in Souls-style titles. Additionally, Stellar Blade will offer short-range and long-range weapons, rewards through side quests, and items with rarity levels.

A customization feature is also confirmed in the game. Eve will have between 20 and 30 outfits to choose from, while secondary characters Adam and Lily will have their own selection of outfits. Items can be purchased in stores by Xion, as loot or through the crafting function.

Finally, Stellar Blade will contain a main line of quests in a semi-open world, as well as side activities such as interaction with NPCs, additional objectives and a fishing minigame. All events will be related to an overall vision: to help restore the city of Xion.

stellar bladestellar blade
Source: Shift Up

Stellar Blade will be released on April 26th for PS5. Pre-sale starts this week.

Stellar Blade on PS5 is a “dream” for the studio

Kim Hyung Tae revealed that launching Stellar Blade as a PS5 exclusive on consoles is a “dream since he was a child”. According to him, the project is a personal achievement that will reach the new generation of Sony with maximum quality. Click here to learn more.

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