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Story of Dune Awakening is an alternative reality to films



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The recently released gameplay trailer for Dune Awakening impressed even those who are not very familiar with the stories of the books and films in the saga. However, more detailed fans of the plot may be a little upset by statements from Joel Bylos, the game's creative director, about the freedom that the developers had to create the background of this adventure.

In an interview with Eurogamer, the executive explained that the events of Awakening do not necessarily follow what happens in Dune. In fact, the premise of the game is based on a very different decision – obviously, not revealed by him now, because it would be a spoiler.

A “significant moment” in the books will be marked by this “different decision” in the game – which takes place “a few years before” what is showing in cinemas around the world, but with an “alternative reality”. With another highlight: a less intense presence of religious themes – although, yes, they are still there, including Butlerian, spiritual warfare that is one of the bases of the saga's concepts.

“Things are a little different in our universe. Many events are still the same, so it's not like we've gone to 'thousands of years ago, a rock slid into the wrong place and changed everything'. It's just a few years ago. But the significant point — it's really close to spoiler territory, which I can't really get into — but let's just say that, for the most part, we've kind of avoided religion,” she said.

Dune Awakening will also have “the spice of spices”

Furthermore, the consumption of mélange, “the spice of spices”, will also be heavily addressed in the game – which, interestingly enough, should have come out before the first Dune, from 2021, and has now taken a lot of inspiration from both it and the sequel, which ends to be launched.

Developed by Funcom, from Conan: Exiles, Dune Awakening is a survival MMO in the fantastic universe of Dune, scheduled for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC.

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