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Studio 171, the Brazilian GTA, releases new video of the game



The Brazilian studio Betagames Group brought great news about 171, better known as the “Brazilian GTA”. A video shows several behind-the-scenes processes, highlighting the surprising results after purchasing motion capture equipment.

According to the developer, the technology allows you to improve the game's animations and guarantee “engaging cutscenes” in an “immersive story mode”. In addition, it supports recognizing actors' facial expressions, lip synchronization for dubbing and much more.


171's new video shows how this would work in practice. It is possible to observe how real-life movements work in relation to the game, giving greater impact to the audio in the best Brazilian style — full of slang and swear words. Check it out below:


We are beginning preparations for the creation of the game's campaign, and the acquisition of this equipment represents a significant milestone for the development of the cutscenes. Currently, several areas of the game are being developed in parallel, and this is a crucial year full of important moves.

Motion capture work on 171 is in the experimental phase

According to Betagames Group, the features are in an experimental phase and may be modified or discontinued until the end of development. This is due to the “considerably high processing cost” of, for example, Metahuman, which is likely to affect overall optimization.

In this way, each technology is being carefully selected, so as not to compromise the gaming experience and impact the time determined for each stage of the game's production.


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