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Studio AAA is made up of devs ex-EA, Sony, Disney and more



Although there are doubts and concerns about the gaming industry with the layoffs that have been plaguing the market since mid-2023, a popular saying may be interesting to describe the current situation. Every difficulty can also be an opportunity. And a new AAA studio has just emerged on this scene, Muddy Robot Games.

The company will be managed by Chris Hodd, former president of the International Game Developers Association, and will have former members of large companies, such as EA, Sony, Blizzard, Disney, Apple and Google.

“Our goal is to return the fun of gaming, empower developers to take risks, and take players along on that journey. The gaming industry has become what it is today because of its willingness to explore new ideas and innovate. We want to reignite this developer passion for creativity,” said Hood.

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Muddy Robot Games wants to be an AAA studio that will not only develop high-level games, but also new technologies that will be adopted in these titles.

AAA studio with famous devs promises “immersive shooter”

With the right to a beautiful teaser on YouTube, a group of renowned game developers, with experience in series such as DOOM, Quake, Call of Duty, The Last of Us, Borderlands and tomb Raider, announced the arrival of another AAA studio: emptyvessel. The group is already working on a new shooting game, which promises to be quite “immersive”. Read more by clicking here.

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