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Succession star visits Naughty Dog: “don't say anything”



After making waves with Pedro Pascal at the Emmys, when he beat the star of The Last of Us in yet another award as best actor in a drama series in 2023, Kieran Culkin (who, yes, is the brother of Macaulay Culkin – the one from Home Alone Mim) surrendered to Joel, Ellie and company. One of the highlights of HBO's Succession, he visited Naughty Dog's headquarters this Monday (26).

Alongside his wife, Jazz Charton, who shared some photos on her Instagram profile. The main one was a photo in front of the studio's logo, with her husband and Neil Druckmann, who is now co-head and creative director of the company, but is also the creator of the game The Last of Us and executive producer of the adaptation of work for television. And look what he wrote about the visit…

“Don’t repeat anything you saw.”

The comment was made in a share of Charton's post on Neil's Instagram Stories. Wonder what ND is cooking, huh?

Naughty Dog works on “more than one large-scale single-player game”

Naughty Dog confirmed the cancellation of The Last of Us: Online in December, but other news has fans a little more excited. According to the studio itself, there is more than one single-player project of great ambition being produced by the company. See more details by clicking here.

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