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Summer Game Fest Edition will highlight indies



Day of the Devs, a showcase of great indie games from around the world, is back at Summer Game Fest!

The Day of the Devs team is looking for “unique, diverse, and beautiful indie games to highlight” at the event. Developers interested in submitting their games can register via the form here from today until April 12th. Developers from various backgrounds are encouraged to apply and games/projects of all types and genres will be considered.

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Last year's Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition provided a stage for some of the most innovative and exciting indie games of 2023, such as Viewfinder from Sad Owl Studios + Thunderful Publishing, Beastieball from Wishes Unlimited + Klei, Hauntii from Moonloop Games , COCOON by Geometric Interactive + Annapurna Interactive, Helskate by Phantom Coast, Simpler Times by iam8bit and Eternights by Studio Sai + Kepler Interactive.

“Day of the Devs is a non-profit organization with a mission to celebrate the creativity, diversity and magic of video games. It gives a voice to emerging or underrepresented talent with platforms that connect gamers to developers and their games,” the developers say.

Day of the Devs became independent, but continues at Summer Game Fest

Earlier this year, the Day of the Devs organization announced a major structural change for 2024 and beyond. Starting this week, the popular showcase for indie games becomes a non-profit organization and has its independence declared. Still, the partnership with Summer Game Fest remains firm and strong.

Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition will be presented online via livestream immediately following the Summer Game Fest live showcase on June 7th. Some selected games from the showcase will also have the opportunity to participate in SGF: Play Days.

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