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Super Mega Ultrawatch is Season 11 of Overwatch 2



With revelations about the content scheduled for the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass and much more, Season 11 will arrive on June 20th. The theme is inspired by Super Sentai series, with the narrative even featuring villains, such as Ashe Imperatriz Mythical Calamity.

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Blizzard left the following description on the official website: “The evil Ashe Empress Mythic Calamity, along with her fellow evildoer BOB, has taken power, and it is Ultrawatch’s job to stop them.” Check out the trailer below to see how the new content promises to attract attention:

Improvements for heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Season 11 brings several improvements to heroes across all roles. For example, Cassidy swaps the Magnetic Grenade for a new Flash, which is more effective against enemies.

In addition to these hero changes, the Colosseum Advance map has also been revised. Thanks to player feedback, glass has been removed from the map, allowing team fights to take place more easily on the streets of Rome.

Another significant improvement is in completing weekly challenges. If you miss a week, you can now catch up on the previous week’s challenges before starting new ones. This makes it easier to track goals without losing progress.

Additionally, weekly milestone rewards are more accessible. Completing 3 weekly challenges instantly earns you 20,000 XP. This way, players can play at their own pace and still earn XP from the previous week’s Battle Pass.

More changes to Overwatch 2 Season 11

New Mythic Rewards:

  • Ashe Empress Calamity in the Premium Battle Pass.
  • Improved visual effects for Ashe’s Ultimate.
  • Unlockable with 50 Mythic Prisms, with additional customizations available.


Mythic Weapon Skins:

  • New mythological cosmetic items for weapons.
  • Equippable with matching hero skins.
  • Available from the mid-season update.
  • Reinhardt’s Imprisoned Demon Mythic Weapon Skins available July 23.


Premium Battle Pass:

  • Ultrawatch Legendary Skins for Genji, Reaper, and Sojourn.
  • Epic Skin Lúcio Lifeguard.
  • 80 Mythical Prisms, 5 Legendary Skins, and 500 Credits.
  • Additional rewards like Souvenirs, Weapon Pendants, Victory Poses, Featured Intros, and Emotes.
  • Free Battle Pass content includes 2 Epic skins, 600 Overwatch Coins, and 1,500 additional Credits.


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