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“Survive to 2024” is the game industry's goal



The gaming industry has been going through difficult times in recent months, with employee layoffs, game cancellations and a climate of tension about the future. And, according to Mat Piscatella, executive director of the analysis firm Circana, the expectation for 2024 is that it will be another difficult year.

In publication on social network, the expert commented that “surviving 2024” has been the main theme of the conversations he has been having not only with developers, but also with stores. After all, digital media seems to be getting stronger, breaking many establishments of this kind.

Something that Piscatella also highlights is that the gaming industry seems to have reached a kind of ceiling in terms of what it can do to attract more players or even increase the playing time of current players. Meanwhile, production costs for major titles only increase.

“What the market can do now is wait for GTA 6 and hope,” he wrote.

Devs comment on layoffs in the games industry

There were around nine thousand layoffs in the games industry last year, and this year the number already exceeds ten thousand. Naturally, this is the talk of the town among people still working in the field. Many people, of course, fear for their future. The feeling of thinking you could be next, you know?

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