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Tekken 8 director will ban players who use glitches



Tekken 8 was marked by the bizarre glitch of gigantic skins on the screen, and the game's director, Katsuhiro Harada, is not at all happy with it. He used your profile on the social network to describe this glitch as cheating and promised to ban players who use the trick.

In another post, Harada asked for help from fans: “We will ban them after preserving evidence of the cheater's replay data. When using the hashtag #T8_report, please include the player's name and region information so we can ban them smoothly“.

Tekken 8 is available for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

Tekken 8 may have Team Battle Mode

The Tekken 8 producer gave an interview to MP1st and confessed that the return of Team Battle mode to the title only depends on the fans. That said, if there is demand, Bandai Namco can prepare the feature to be added to the game in the near future.

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The team mode became famous in Tekken 2, but over time, it was slowly forgotten, according to data from the publisher. Apparently, the community still remembers how fun the proposal was, so during the chat the topic ended up becoming an issue.

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