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Tekken 8 update brings store, anti-cheat and more



After generating controversy and dividing the community, the Tekken 8 update that implemented the in-game store is finally online. Along with this, players will also be able to enjoy new collaboration and the addition of anti-cheat features.

Bandai Namco released a description of each of the patch's additions for players to better understand how everything will work. Stay up to date with each topic, such as microtransactions and enhanced online matches, by following the topics below:

Tekken 8 update


  • At the newly opened TEKKEN SHOP, players can purchase various customization items, such as old character costumes and character-specific avatar skins. New content will be added to the store monthly based on the latest trends in the King of Iron Fist Tournament!
  • Items available at TEKKEN SHOP include free and paid cosmetics. Paid items can be purchased with TEKKEN COINS obtained from the store on each platform.

Tekken 8 Store

UT x TEKKEN Collaboration

  • In celebration of the series' 30th anniversary TEKKEN, UT t-shirts with the same details as the real version, sold in UNIQLO stores, are available for free at TEKKEN SHOP. These customization items are available for both playable characters (2 types) and avatar customization (1 type).

Anti Cheat Measures in Ranked Matches

  • High-ranked players who were reported cheating multiple times have been removed from the Leaderboards, and their rankings have been reset to Beginner.

Feature Improvements

  • In the Tekken Fight Lobby, matchmaking after a match ends with the Anywhere Matches option selected will continue without needing to be selected again.
  • In the Tekken Fight Lobby, My Profile can now be accessed in the Customization Shop when talking to the Attendant or in the Terminal.
  • The status of party members in a peer-to-peer match will now be displayed.
  • The maximum number of consecutive wins to be displayed has been increased from 99 to 999.

Did you like the changes in the Tekken 8 update? Stay up to date with more details on the rating status change for cheating players here!

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