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Tekken 8 will have an update with many changes this Monday (10)



Tekken 8

Tekken 8 will receive its biggest update yet in terms of gameplay adjustments. Update 1.05 can even be considered a “new game”, due to the quantity and importance of the changes — many of which are quite significant and have been frequently requested by fans.

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The patch adjusts key mechanics, rebalances almost all characters and fixes a number of small issues. With patch 1.05, Bandai Namco seeks to strengthen characters’ individual abilities and movement, while reducing the damage of combos and the effectiveness of grabs.

Tekken 8Tekken 8
Source: Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 will continue to be a highly aggressive game, but the clear objective is to make defensive actions more rewarding — which is probably positive for the title’s longevity, highlighted the portal Push Square.

Regarding the launch of this giant update, it will take place at 11pm — Brasília time on all platforms. The patch notes are quite extensive and can be seen at this link.

Elite karateka, Lidia Sobieska from Tekken 8 has gameplay revealed

Another fighter revealed in other games in the franchise is on the way to Tekken 8. Lidia Sobieska will be present in the title and had a special gameplay video shared on the networks. Check out more information by clicking here!

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