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The 3-Body Problem: is there a post-credits scene in the last episode?



The 3-Body Problem has finally arrived on Netflix: is there a post-credits scene after the finale, which could prepare for the next chapter?

Series The 3-Body Problem was particularly awaited by Netflix subscribers, and critics are already delighted by this new production from the showrunners of Game Of Thrones And The Terror. This adaptation of Liu Cixin's novel offers a fascinating plot, carried by a solid cast.

But the novel of the same name is only the first in a trilogy, and the series clearly sets the stage for a longer story, leaving room for future seasons even if Netflix hasn't confirmed anything yet. Should we expect a post-credits scene after the series finale The 3-Body Problemto give a preview of a sequel?

Is there a post-credits scene after the finale of the 3 Body Problem ?

No, the series The 3-Body Problem does not contain a post-credits scene in its final episode, nor in any of the previous seven.

benedeict wong aka da shi computer in the 3 body problem

Without going into the realm of spoilers, season 1 ends with a few details at the end of the first volume of Liu Cixin's trilogy… while integrating a major point from the second volume, The Dark Forest.

A post-credits scene would therefore be of no use, since the second book has, in a way, already had its introduction. No season 2 has at this stage been announced by Netflix, but we can still expect a sequel, because The 3-Body Problem only exposed the threat to Earth and the start of a counterattack by humans.

Thus, as is often the case on the streaming platform, the application invites you from the first notes of the credits to look elsewhere and start watching another creation.

All episodes of the series The 3-Body Problem have been available on Netflix since March 21, 2024.

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