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The 3-Body Problem series compared to Lost, but not in a good way



The 3-body problem is one of the flagship series of this March on Netflix, which has already divided the public even before its release, so much so that it is compared to one of the most controversial series of all time.

While The 3-body problem is about to land on the platform in just a few days, the next Netflix series already seems to divide critics. This new science fiction series, based on the novels by Cixin Liu, is an existentialist tale that spans continents and time itself, following a group of friends as they battle a mysterious threat and will encounter an extraterrestrial civilization.

The 3-body problem is none other than the latest project from David Benioff and DB Weiss, known among others for being the creators of Game Of Thrones, and who had recently returned to the difficult ending of the now cult HBO series. The duo also collaborates with Alexander Woo (True Blood), and this is why the series is eagerly awaited by many fans, who are impatient to see what the streaming giant has in store for them.

However, not everyone is singing the praises of Netflix's new sci-fi series. Some even compare it to one of the most confusing thrillers of the 21st century, namely the famous series Lost: The Disappearedbut not necessarily for the right reasons.

The 3-body problem would be “too complicated” and is compared to Lost after its screening

Following its screening during the opening ceremony of the Séries Mania Festival, The 3-body problem received mixed reviews to say the least, with some even comparing it to the famous series from the mid-2000s.

“It’s a very ambitious series and it’s big in scale, but I wonder when all the questions I have will be answered.”said a participant in Variety. “I see a lot of potential, but I don’t see a clear path. …It's a bit like watching Lost all over again. I'm willing to wait, but I'm not sure the market will follow.”.

According to the American media, the public present at the Séries Mania Festival was divided over the opening episodes, with even a few departures during the session. Apparently the first two episodes were called “slow”, “too complicated”And “cold”. Elsewhere, reviews have also been mixed. The series currently has a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with some reviews being more generous than others.

For example, Dylan Roth from British newspaper The Observer declared: “the series inherits some fantasy horror sci-fi concepts from the bestselling novels and adds dramatic and warm characters”. Vicky Jessop from London Evening Standard also wrote: “the themes are fascinating, the ideas innovative, and with a little tweaking it could be great; let’s hope Netflix reverses the trend and renews it for a second season”.

But there is not only good news in store. Dan Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter believes that “the series is not devoid of good things. It's just plain, with decorative touches, which extends to character creation and acting.”. An opinion which also seems to be shared by Emily Garbutt of Total Filmwhich states: “It is based on a solid science fiction premise, but is constantly weighed down by flat, often two-dimensional characters and a weak storyline”.

Be sure to form your own opinion when The 3-body problem will be available on Netflix on March 21. And in the meantime, you can also consult our previous article on the best streaming series in March 2024.

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