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The 3-Body Problem: why did the Trisolarians become the San-Ti?



In the series The 3-body problem on Netflix, the fearsome alien race heading to Earth has been renamed. In Liu Cixin's trilogy of novels, they are known as the Trisolarians. In the series, they become the San-Ti. Why this change and what is the reason? Here's what we know.

By adapting the epic of the famous Chinese science fiction author to our screens, the former showrunners of Game Of ThronesDavid Benioff and DB Weiss, captivated audiences once again with the series The 3-body problem on Netflix.

However, with a science-rich and complex story, many changes from the source material have been introduced, not only to simplify the narrative, but also to take the journey in new directions. One of these changes concerns the alien threat heading towards our planet.

In the Netflix series, these aliens are referred to as San-Ti. However, that is not their name in the books. Readers know this mysterious race as the Trisolarians, originating from the Trisolaris system. So why did the showrunners make this particular change?

Why did they change the names of the aliens in The 3-Body Problem on Netflix?

The showrunners of the series The 3-body problem changed the name of the aliens simply because their name in the books “sounded ridiculous” according to Benioff.

During a recent interview with VultureBenioff explained this choice, stating this: “Honestly, (San-Ti) sounded better to our ears. It was simply a decision of taste. Trisolarian sounded ridiculous. There was something menacing and good about San-Ti, as long as it didn't sound too much like 'Santy Clause'” (here he refers to 'Santa Claus', which means 'Father Christmas' in English).

Weiss then spoke, explaining that “On paper”the original name “seems okay”. But when adapting the story into live action, making it say “Trisolarian” by the casting “over and over… it didn’t sound as good as we wanted it to”.

“In the original Chinese version, it's 'San-Ti Ren,' so it was even closer to the original in a way.”added co-showrunner Alexander Woo.

So, other than this small change to the name, it doesn't seem like anything else about the aliens is likely to change from the books. Just their name, because the creators weren't big fans of how it sounded on set. And for those who would like to know more about The 3-body problemfind our explanation of the finale of the Netflix series.

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