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The Acolyte: why Squid Game fans should watch the Star Wars series



The new Star Wars series coming to Disney+, titled The Acolytestars an actor that fans of Squid Game will undoubtedly recognize.

The trailer for The Acolyte, the new series set in the Star Wars universe, was recently revealed. It notably highlights one of its main actors, Lee Jung-jae, known mainly for being the star of Squid Game.

Lee Jung-jae made a worldwide splash in 2021 with the now-cult Netflix series, following a long career as a film and television star in South Korea.

The actor has landed the male lead role in the Star Wars series in 2022, and that's why fans of Squid Game are impatiently waiting to see him make his comeback on our screens.

The star of Squid Game in a Star Wars series

Fans of the Netflix series will have the opportunity to see the actor in a new light, in an English-speaking role, namely that of Master Sol. Unlike his role in Squid GameLee Jung-jae will take on more of a mentor role in this story set during the High Republic era, a period little explored on screen.

And it is on the official website of the franchise that we can have more details on his character, described as being at the heart of an emotional conflict, which is reminiscent of the dramatic story that fans followed alongside Seong Gi-hun in Hwang Dong-hyeok's survival series.

The trailer for the series, which will launch with two episodes on Disney's streaming platform, shows the actor wielding a lightsaber, teaching padawans, and fighting what appears to be an assassin.

Lee Jung-jae hasn't been seen on screen much since he took over the world outside of Asian cinema and television, except for the film Hunt (2022), which also marked his directorial debut. Thus, his return to the small screen should delight both Star Wars and Squid Game. And so as not to miss any news concerning The Acolyteyou can consult our guide to the Star Wars series which will be regularly updated.

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