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The animated film The Lord of the Rings reveals its first images, fans are won over



The first real look at the new animated film The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrimhas been revealed, and fans are already in love for one reason in particular.

In case you didn’t know, we’ll have a movie The Lord of the Rings This year. The Rohirrim War (Or The War Of Rohirrim in original version) is an animated film directed by Kenji Kamiyama and produced by Sola Digital Arts, and the first images are generating a positive reaction.

Expected for the end of 2024, fans were finally able to discover different previews of the feature film, shared by Entertainment Weekly. We can thus see Hera, the main heroine and daughter of King Helm Hammerhand, but also Wulf, the main villain, and finally an image of the group, with Helm, Hera, Haleth and Hama.

The three images were extremely well received, with Internet users being surprised by the very “japanimation” aspect that emerges in these first previews.

“Today we got our first look at The Rohirrim War! I love the visual style and can’t wait to see it in theaters in December.”

“It’s animated by a Japanese animation studio and directed by Kenji Kamiyama. They are DOING THE JOB! » we read in a response on X/Twitter.

“This is one of the most magnificent animations I have ever seen! » said another. “These images are super encouraging to me and I love the animation style. 100 times more excitement for this now »commented another fan on Reddit.

This is a notable change from how JRR Tolkien’s universe has been adapted so far. Peter Jackson’s now cult film trilogy and the television series The Rings of Power were very “Western” in their way of representing Middle Earth, as were many video games The Lord of the Rings released so far.

The world of anime and Middle-earth have never really mixed together until now, but given how often fantasy elements are used in Japanese animation, it’s a combination that makes more sense than one might think. This therefore has the merit of offering something different, while the frankness of Lord of the Rings continues to be developed and expanded in many ways.

Fans will therefore have something to occupy themselves, since there is a new film in preparation, and season 2 of the Prime Video series The Rings of Power due to arrive in August. The animated film The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim will be released on December 11, 2024 in our cinemas. Until then, you can also check out our list of the best movies to stream this month.

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