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The Berlin Apartment is announced for PS5



The Berlin Apartment, a character-based first-person adventure, has been announced for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The title had its first trailer released by bildundtonfabrik, but it does not yet have a release date.

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The title consists of a series of episodes that tell interconnected stories of different characters who have lived in a historic Berlin apartment over the past century.

Each chapter has its own protagonist, genre and atmosphere, united by the apartment setting. As a handyman renovates the place, he discovers relics from the past that reveal the lives of the former residents and shares them with his daughter.


Watch the trailer for The Berlin Apartment below:


Find out more about The Berlin Apartment

Read the game’s description below, according to its official Steam page:

A handyman is tasked with renovating an old apartment in the city of Berlin, Germany. Over the course of his extensive work, he delves deeper and deeper into the history of the place.

Relics of times past reveal themselves to be silent witnesses — and former companions — of the apartment’s former residents. With each new discovery, he tells his daughter the story behind this trace of a past adventure — with its own protagonists, in its own genre, with a unique atmosphere, but always within the same four walls.


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