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The best Bruen Mk9 class in Warzone: accessories, perks, equipment



The essential Bruen Mk9 machine gun wreaks havoc in Warzone. Discover the best class to crush adversity with this high-powered LMG.

The Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update is here, bringing major improvements to the forgotten Bruen Mk9 machine gun.

The Bruen Mk9 has had its ADS speed, movement speed, and torso damage multiplier improved, and as it stands, this weapon could well become one of the best weapons in Warzone.

If you want to use it, then here's how you should equip it to maximize its potential.


The Bruen MK9 machine gun in Warzone

The best Bruen Mk9 class in Warzone

The best accessories for the Bruen Mk9

  • Mouth : VT-7 Spiritfire Muffler
  • Cannon : XRK Horizon V2 23″
  • Cannon accessory: Bruen Heavy Support Handle
  • Charger: 60-round magazine
  • Telescope : Corio Eagleseye x2.5

To start this class of the Bruen Mk9 in Warzone, we advise you to equip the XRK Horizon V2 23″ cannon, which improves the speed of the machine gun's bullets to make it a real monster at long range while controlling its recoil.

The VT-7 Spiritfire Silencer will then reduce the recoil, in addition to further increasing the damage range of the Bruen.

The 60-round magazine is a must-have for this machine gun. If we tend to look for magazines larger than the default one in Warzone, the Bruen is an exception. Indeed, this accessory gives a lot of reloading speed and maneuverability to the weapon.

Finally, it is advisable to equip the Bruen with a scope designed for very long distances. The Corio Eagleseye 2.5x is a perfect candidate, although other options are perfectly viable.

The best features with the Bruen Mk9

  • Asset 1: No racing
  • Asset 2: Minesweeper
  • Asset 3: Cold blood
  • Asset 4: Resolved

The Bruen Mk9 doesn't shine with its mobility, and a little speed is essential to survive in Warzone. We therefore choose No Race and Resolute to drag ourselves a little less into combat.

Low mobility also means vulnerability to explosives. Minesweeper will help you better deal with the grenades that will often fly in your direction.

Finally, Cold Blood makes you more difficult to spot, but mainly has the advantage of preventing enemy Maximum Alert assets from warning you of your shots.

The best equipment with the Bruen Mk9

  • Tactics: Battle Rage
  • Deadly : Semtex

In terms of equipment, Combat Rage is an excellent tool that often makes the difference in the heat of battle, by offering resistance and regeneration.

As for Semtex, it is an extremely versatile tool that finds its place in many classes.

How to unlock the Bruen Mk9 in Warzone

To unlock the Bruen Mk9, you must reach level 31 in Warzone, in multiplayer or in Zombies mode.

It is also possible to extract this machine gun from Zombies mode to save you the long level up to obtain it.

The best alternatives to the Bruen Mk9 in Warzone

Machine guns are not left out in Warzone. If the Bruen Mk9 hasn't convinced you, give the incredible Holger 26 and Pulemyot 762 a chance.

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