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The best build for Gayle in Baldur's Gate 3



Gayle is a charismatic and endearing companion in Baldur's Gate 3. Discover the best build for the essential Wizard of Waterdeep.

During Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3, you will probably come face to face with a human with certain magical abilities and a strong ego: Gayle. This powerful Magician is a popular companion, but also the representative of a class that is very useful to your party.

If, like many players, you have chosen to trust Gayle and integrate him into your group of adventurers, it is better to know how to make the Magician as effective as possible, with a build perfectly suited to its lore and your needs.

The Magician is far from being the easiest class to learn in Baldur's Gate 3, given that she has access to an astronomical number of spells – and therefore options – via learning the scrolls. Fortunately, it is also a class that copes perfectly without multiclassingand which should therefore not put off beginners.

In this guide, we offer you a build Magician Evocationallowing Gayle to use the most powerful damage spells in the game to unleash the elements on your enemies and leave your enemies no chance.

Summary :

Gayle in Baldur's Gate 3

The best underclass for Gayle

When you recruit Gayle as a companion or select him as an origin character, the latter is a Magicianwhose subclass you will need to select at level 2.

In order to make Gayle a spellcaster dealing huge AoE damagethis build is based on the Evocation subclass, which is the Magician's most offensive school.

L'School of Evocation allows you to cast spells without worrying about the presence of allies in the area of ​​effect, since the latter will automatically succeed in their saving throw. At higher levels, the Evocation Wizard even has access to a passive that increases the damage of his spells.

Even with a very offensive build, Gayle remains an excellent utility character. By learning scrolls, he is able to use a number of spells which will be useful to you in combat, during dialogues but also during your exploration phases.

Best Traits for Gayle

To make Gayle a war machine, you will need to reassign her characteristics. If you're not sure how to go about it, check out our respec guide in Baldur's Gate 3.

Here are the best traits to assign to level 1 for Gayle:

  • Intelligence – 16 at level 1: The Magician's incantation characteristic. Unsurprisingly, Intelligence is the primary stat for this build.
  • Dexterity – 16 at level 1: Since Gayle is required to wear clothes, his entire Dexterity modifier is added to his Armor Class. In addition, Dexterity improves initiative, so that Gayle can more easily unleash her spells on well-grouped enemies.
  • Constitution – 14 at level 1: An important characteristic for all characters. Constitution increases max HP, and also allows you to maintain powerful spells with Concentration.
  • Strength – 10 at level 1: Strength is of little use to this build. It nevertheless makes it possible to increase the transportable load and the jumping distance.
  • Wisdom – 10 at level 1: An unimportant characteristic, which is nevertheless useful for Perception and Survival rolls to find hidden objects.
  • Charisma – 8 at level 1: Unless you plan to conduct your dialogues with Gayle, it is better to dump Charisma. If Gayle is your frontman, you can lower Wisdom in favor of Charisma.

The best skills

Gayle does not have the opportunity to master the skills most important for dialogue or exploration. We therefore advise you to opt for skills that can bring you a little lore during your walks:

The best passives, spells and cantrips for Gayle

The best passives and actions for Gayle

  • Spell Shaper (Evocation Wizard level 2): ​​This passive simply allows your allies to automatically succeed in their saving throws against your spells, as well as to ignore their damage. In practice, this means you can send your huge AoEs without worrying about your allies being in the area. Once you taste it, you won't be able to live without it.
  • Improved Evocations (Evocation Wizard level 10): This passive adds your Intelligence modifier to the damage of your Evocation spells. With 20 Intelligence, 5 points of damage will be added to the majority of your damage spells.
  • Magical Restoration (Magician level 1-12): This is the Magician's signature action. The latter allows you to recover spell points, and thus to repeatedly use the most powerful offensive spells in the game.

The Best Cantrips for Gayle

  • Bolt of fire (Wizard level 1): Fire Bolt is the best offensive minor spell the Magician has access to. Simple but effective, it inflicts good damage at long range.

Best spells for Gayle

  • Magic missile (Wizard level 1): This spell obtained from level 1 is absolutely essential and will be a faithful ally throughout the adventure. Each missile sent can target any enemy you choose, and this spell can never fail. This is the perfect offensive spell to finish off an enemy with some HP or to hit a hard-to-hit target. Several items allow you to improve this spell, which can make it devastating even at the very end of the game.
  • Mage Armor (Wizard Level 1): A must have that adds 3 to your Armor Class as long as you are not wearing armor. Equip clothes instead, and cast this spell after every long rest!
  • Misty Stride (Wizard Level 3): Rare are the spells that use a Bonus Action, and this is why Misty Stride is extremely valuable. This spell will allow you to get back into combat at a lower cost.
  • Counterspell (Magician level 5): An essential, which simply allows you to prevent an enemy spell from being cast at the cost of your reaction (and a spell point). A spell you will probably never part with.
  • Fireball (Wizard Level 5): The most famous offensive spell in Dungeons & Dragons… and it's not for nothing. It is from Fireball that Gayle's offensive potential will begin to reveal itself… and this is only the beginning!
  • Deadly Mist (Wizard Level 9): One of the best offensive focus spells in the game, Deadly Mist deals heavy damage and can be moved each turn without consuming a spell point again.
  • Disintegration (Level 11 Magician): If the Evocation Magician is best known for his enormous area damage, Disintegration is the exception that proves the rule. Its colossal single-target damage is perfect for eliminating a dangerous target in a snap.

The best donations for Gayle

By following our build for Gayle, you will be able to choose a feat at levels 4, 8 and 12. Here are the best feats for a Magician:

  • Characteristic improvement (Intelligence +2): Improving your Intelligence is crucial for an Evocation Magician. Indeed, this characteristic will determine the chances of your spells hitting. Starting at level 10, Intelligence will also increase the damage of your evocation spells.
    • Gift to choose at levels 4 and 8
  • Warmage: This gift allows you above all to grant you an advantage on Constitution saving throws to maintain the concentration of your spells. Thanks to War Mage, your powerful spells like Wall of Fire or Deadly Mist will be interrupted much less often. In addition, this feat allows you to use the Electric Grip cantrip during your attacks of opportunity, in order to inflict significant damage.
    • Gift to choose at level 12

The best equipment for Gayle

For a purely caster build, weapon damage is of little importance. Therefore, we advise you to choose one-handed weapons that you can carry – generally staves – and which offer interesting bonuses.

The sticks giving access to spells are particularly interesting at the start of the game, since they make it possible to counterbalance a major flaw of the Magician at low level: his very limited number of spell points.

Consider equipping a shield in your off-hand to benefit from a +2 (and even +3 at the end of the game) bonus to Armor Class.

There are several pieces of equipment that increase the difficulty of saving throws against your spells. Favor this equipment as much as possible.

Gayle's build progress

Now that you have understood the components of a good Magician build for Gayle, here is a progression guide to help you choose your spells and your gifts at each level gained in Baldur's Gate 3.

Tips and tricks

  • Since the Magician can learn spells via Scrolls, don't hesitate to build up a huge list of spells that you can use as needed.
  • While your list of known spells may be immense, the list of prepared spells is quite limited. Remember to adapt your spells to the situation and the enemies you encounter.
  • Concentration management is essential for the Magician. Remember that Concentration spells are overpowered, but it is only possible to maintain one at a time.
  • Learn as many ritual spells as possible. These can be used outside of combat to grant different buffs and bonuses to your characters.
  • Remember to use Mage Armor after every long rest, so you have a decent Armor Class.

This concludes our guide to playing Gayle well in Baldur's Gate 3. Are you still unsure about your character's class? Take a look at our tier list of classes in Baldur's Gate 3.

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