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The best build for Lae'Zel in Baldur's Gate 3



Lae'Zel is a merciless companion in Baldur's Gate 3. Discover the best build for the essential Githyanki warrior.

During Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3, you will likely come face to face with the formidable fighter who helped you cross the nautiloid: Lae'Zel. This Githyanki warrior doesn't mince her words, but she proves to be a valuable ally.

If, like you, you have chosen to trust Lae'Zel despite his strong character, you will have at your side a real killing machine, as the Warrior class is so powerful in BG3.

In this guide, we explain in detail how craft a Devastating Warrior build in combat, and perfectly suited to the lore of Lae'Zel.

Summary :

Lae'zel in Baldur's Gate 3

The best subclass for Lae'Zel

When you recruit Lae'Zel as a companion or select her as an origin character, the latter is a Warrior, whose subclass you will need to select at level 3.

In order to make Lae'Zel a powerful melee fighter, inflicting colossal damage, absorbing costs and having a whole arsenal of attacks, we recommend the subclass Warmaster.

The Warmaster subclass is based on a system of Superiority Dice, a unique resource that recharges with each short rest. By consuming a Superiority Die, you can perform Maneuvers to grant your Warrior different bonuses, increase damage of an attack or apply powerful control effects at your blows.

Maneuvers bring a lot of power to the Warrior class, as well as a more than welcome depth of gameplay so that the fights are not repetitive.

For this build, we chose not to multiclass Lae'Zel. Indeed, the Warmaster Warrior is sufficient in itself, and turns out to be a build that is as simple as it is effective.

The best features for Lae'Zel

A Warrior must have characteristics perfectly suited to his role, namely inflicting as much damage as possible, but also surviving in the heart of the melee:

  • Strength (17 at level 1): The essential offensive characteristic for Lae'Zel, which will determine his chance of hitting when attacking in melee as well as his damage. Strength also determines jump distance and carryable weight. We choose to put 17 Strength instead of 16 in order to prepare the ground for a powerful Gift at level 6.
  • Constitution (16 at level 1): Constitution is important for all classes, and even more so for a Warrior who will often be in the heart of the fray.
  • Dexterity (14 at level 1): At the start of the game, Dexterity will allow Lae'Zel to increase his Armor Class when wearing Intermediate Armor. Later, when you find powerful Heavy Armor, this stat will still be important for Initiative and saving throws.
  • Intelligence (8 at level 1): Intelligence is not useful for this build except for saving throws and skill throws. Better to keep it low to focus on other stats.
  • Wisdom (8 at level 1): Wisdom is not useful for this build except for saving throws and skill throws. Better to keep it low to focus on other stats.
  • Charisma (8 at level 1): Charisma is not useful for this build except for saving throws. Better to keep it low to focus on other stats. If you often want to use Lae'Zel in dialogue, don't hesitate to increase this stats to 12 or 14 at the cost of a little Constitution/Dexterity.

In order to assign the best characteristics to Lae'Zel, we invite you to reset its characteristics as soon as you have the opportunity. If you're not sure how to go about it, check out our respec guide in Baldur's Gate 3.

The best skills

  • Perception and Survivalso that Lae'Zel helps you spot switches, traps and other hidden objects

The best actions and passives for Lae'Zel

As a purely martial class, the Warmaster Warrior does not learn spells, but has access to a whole range of actions and passives to improve his combat effectiveness. Here are the essential tools for this Lae'Zel build:

  • Fighting style – Two-handed weapons (Warrior Level 1): This passive allows you to re-roll bad damage rolls from your two-handed weapon attacks, thus increasing your average damage.
  • Passion (Warrior level 2): ​​This powerful action simply grants you an additional action, once between each short rest. Thanks to the additional attack obtained at level 5, and the additional Improved attack, you will be able to attack up to 6 times per turn, or even 7 thanks to Heavy Slugger, all without using a spell or consumable.
  • Maneuver – Precise Attack (Warrior Warmaster level 3): Using only a Superiority Die, this free action increases the result of your next attack roll. A must have to counterbalance the Heavy Slugger Gift.
  • Maneuver – Riposte (Warrior Warmaster level 3): This reaction allows you to attack any enemy who misses a melee attack against your Warrior. Given your damage, the enemy may regret his failure.
  • Maneuver – Tripping (Warrior Warmaster Level 3): This excellent maneuver deals a boosted attack that can knock your target to the ground. Since attacks always have an advantage against ground targets, this is the perfect Maneuver to ensure you have several easy-to-hit hits during your burst turns.

The best donations for Lae'Zel

By following our build for Lae'Zel, you will be able to choose a gift at levels 4, 6, 8 and 12. Indeed, the Warrior is particularly spoiled, since he has access to a new Gift much more often compared to other classes. Here are the best feats for this build:

  • Heavy Slugger: This gift increases the damage of all your melee weapon attacks by 10, at the cost of a significant penalty of -5 to the attack roll. Thanks to Precise Attack, you will be able to counterbalance the penalty.
    • Gift to choose at level 4
  • Athlete (Strength +1): While most players choose to put 16 Strength and take the Ability Improvement feat, we advise you to opt for 17 Strength and the excellent Athlete feat instead. In addition to giving you the +1 Strength to reach the next characteristic level, this gift allows you to get up more easily and drastically increase your jumping distance, and therefore your mobility in combat.
    • Gift to choose at level 6
  • Characteristic improvement (Strength +2): Improving your Strength has many benefits as part of a Warrior build. Strength mainly improves your damage and your chances of hitting your attacks.
    • Gift to choose at level 8
  • Martial Savagery: Once the max level is reached, your warrior can chain devastating attacks. At this point, only bad luck on the dice can stop you… unless you choose Martial Savagery. This gift will make you roll the damage dice of your attacks twice to systematically keep the best roll.
    • Gift to choose at level 12
  • Alert : Many players can no longer do without Alert and give this powerful Gift to their entire team. Alert gives you a +5 bonus to initiative in addition to making you immune to the Surprised state.
    • Alternative gift to choose at level 12

The best equipment for Lae'Zel

Lae'Zel is looking to deal as much damage as possible, and that's why the main element of your build should be a good two-handed melee weapon, whether it is a sword, an ax, a spear or even a mace. You will find them throughout your adventure, and it is even possible to acquire an excellent two-handed sword from the tutorial aboard the Nautiloid, by defeating the devil in the final fight (or by stealing him using the spell of Clerc Injunction).

Thanks to his race, Lae'Zel will also have access to excellent weapons whose attractive bonuses are reserved for Githyanki.

Lae'Zel's base armor is excellent Intermediate Armor that you probably won't replace before a large handful of hours of play. Afterwards, don't hesitate to upgrade to Heavy Armor.

Lae'Zel build progress

Now that you have understood the components of a good Warrior build for Lae'Zel, here is a progression guide to help you choose your actions and your gifts at each level gained in Baldur's Gate 3.

This build is very simple to set up and learn, even if the judicious use of Maneuvers allows for a lot of creativity, and will make the difference between a good Warrior and a bad Warrior.

Here is the ideal progression of this Warrior build for Lae'Zel:

Tips and tricks

  • The Weapon Master Warrior is an exceptional class when it comes to very quickly defeating a priority enemy. Spot the most dangerous target, and defeat it in a single burst turn thanks to Fougue.
  • During your burst turns, make sure your first Attack is a Knee-Kick Maneuver. If you manage to knock down your target, you will gain advantage for all your subsequent attacks.
  • Superiority Dice regenerate with each short rest. So don't hesitate to use them all during your fights.
  • Your bonus action can allow you to move very far thanks to Jump, greatly boosted by your high Strength and the Athlete feat. For even more mobility, don't hesitate to use the Githyanki Power: Jump before your important fights.

This concludes our guide to playing Lae'Zel well in Baldur's Gate 3. Are you still unsure about your character's class? Take a look at our tier list of classes in Baldur's Gate 3.

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