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The best controller settings for the Valorant console beta



The Valorant console beta is finally available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. To gain an advantage over your enemies, you should know the best settings for your controller based on your role, and we’ve got you covered.

Among the game announcements at Summer Games Fest 2024, Riot Games surprised Valorant fans: the long-awaited console version of the game was finally on the way. The beta period started on June 14 and you can play it on all current generation consoles.

Valorant on consoles offers various presets like Traditional, Fighter and more. Each of these is effective for the different roles you play, such as Duelists, Controllers, Sentinels, and so on.

To get the most out of it in various scenarios, here are the best controller settings to use in Valorant’s console beta.

Controller settings configuration menu in Valorant

The best configuration settings for PS5 and Xbox controllers for the Valorant console beta

Both of these configurations follow the preset layout Traditional on the controllers. You can always customize them according to your needs.

Valorant on consoles does not offer classic random shooting like on PC and has a new shooting mode called “ Concentration “. Concentration mode mimics random shooting, but with reduced sensitivity, and this is where the Traditional preset excels.

Valorant console beta gameplay image

The best alternative controller settings in the Valorant console beta

While the Traditional layout is best for a controller, you can also try these alternative layouts for the Valorant console beta if it just isn’t working for you:

Bumper Shooter

Bumper Shooter controller setups, which use your controller’s triggers, are ideal if you like using snipers in Valorant. No matter if you play as Jett with an Operator or as Initiator with an Outlaw in an eco round, this controller layout will suit your playstyle well.


Choose the Fighter controller layout if you are a hardcore Duelist in Valorant. Jumping with the RB or R1 buttons allows you to easily take control of high platforms, and with the nearby RT or R2 buttons you can take down enemies very quickly.

Using the LB or L1 buttons to crouch also makes controlling recoil easier for Duelists, as playing this role requires being spontaneous and quick, unlike other Operators.


Are you playing as a Controller or Sentinel? So, choose the Tactician controller layout.

Having Focus or Sniper Sight on the L1 or LB buttons will give you enough room to play from the back and support your team simultaneously. Unlike other layouts, you fire with the R1 or RB buttons, which is convenient when using snipers.

With these controller configurations, you will be able to tighten up your gameplay and excel on each of the maps available during the Valorant console beta.

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