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The best COR-45 class in Warzone: accessories, perks, equipment



warzone meilleure classe cor 45

The COR-45 is a handgun that excels in Warzone provided you equip it well. Here are the best accessories and assets.

The COR-45 has quickly established itself as a preferred choice among secondary weapon enthusiasts. This pistol, praised for its surgical precision and exemplary maneuverability, offers players a sturdy and reliable option for close-to-mid range combat.

With impressive damage potential and extensive customization capability, the COR-45 can be adapted to various playstyles, providing unparalleled flexibility on the field.

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Find out how to equip this weapon in Warzone.


COR-45 Pistol WarzoneActivision

The COR-45 goes unnoticed as the dominant weapon in Warzone.

The best COR-45 class in Warzone

The best COR-45 accessories

  • Mouth : Bruen Tri-Port
  • Laser : XTEN Sidearm-L400
  • Rear handle : COR-45 Akimbo
  • Trigger : XRK Lightning Fire
  • Charger : 30-round magazine

To start this COR-45 class in Warzone, we advise you to equip the Akimbo COR-45 backgrip, which is the most important item in this class to maximize your damage.

Given its Akimbo nature and inability to aim, we will look to improve the COR-45's random fire accuracy with the XTEN Sidearm-L400 Laser while the XRK Lightning Fire will increase the rate of fire of the armed.

Finally, the Bruen Tri-Port is necessary to tame the aggressive recoil of your two pistols and the 30-round Magazine is a solid option that will allow you not to deplete your ammo too quickly.

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The best advantages with the COR-45

  • Asset 1: No racing
  • Asset 2: Sleight of hand
  • Asset 3: Soaked
  • Asset 4: Maximum alert

Using the COR-45 in Warzone is all about constantly getting closer to your opponents, which is why the No Run perk is necessary. Sleight of hand will then allow you to quickly and easily reload your 30-round magazine.

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Tempered and Max Alert is an extremely popular combination in Warzone, as it increases your survivability by allowing you to reach maximum health faster and alerting you to the presence of enemy players who may target you.

The best equipment with the COR-45

  • Tactics: Smoke Grenade
  • Deadly : Throwing knife

The Throwing Knife will help you eliminate downed players while the Smoke Grenade is very useful for getting out of a dangerous situation.

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How to unlock COR-45 in Warzone

You can unlock COR-45 by reaching level 4 in Warzone.

The best alternatives to COR-45 in Warzone

If you are looking for an alternative to the COR-45 in Warzone, then the Renetti is the best solution, as it can also be equipped as an Akimbo.

If you want to move away from the handgun category, however, then the WSP Swarm or Rival-9 are excellent options to use at close range.

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