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The best Dark-type Pals in Palworld



Dark-type Pals are quite mysterious, but can be incredibly useful when used in the right circumstances. So find out which are the best Dark-type Pals in Palworld.

Palworld offers over 100 different Pals to collect and mastering all their potential strengths and weaknesses is a real challenge. The issue is further complicated by the dichotomy between prioritizing basic maintenance capabilities and combat.

That said, some Pals excel in all areas or particularly stand out in a specific area.

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So find out without further delay which are the best Dark-type Pals.

The best Dark Pals from Palworld


Felbat PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Darkness
  • Partner Skill : Lifesteal – While fighting alongside him, absorbs a portion of the damage dealt by the player to restore his and the player's HP.
  • Work Compatibility : Medicine Production Lv3

As his appearance may suggest, Felbat has an extremely useful partner skill allowing both himself and the player to benefit from a passive lifesteal effect.

While not particularly impressive for the base in a general sense, it has a surprisingly high drug production capacity. This is an unusual trait and makes Felbat useful in certain situations.


Menasting PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Darkness and Earth
  • Partner Skill : Steel Scorpion – When fighting alongside it, increases the player's defense and if an Electric-type Pal is defeated, the number of items obtained also increases.
  • Work Compatibility : Deforestation Lv2, Mining Lv3

This terrifying armored scorpion excels in combat, dealing insane damage and empowering the player at the same time. The Steel Scorpion companion skill adds impressive defense to the player, providing much better survival when Menasting is the active companion.

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In camp, Menasting is not to be neglected either. Its Lv3 Mining skill is one of the highest in the game and focusing solely on this task should allow you to produce a significant surplus of goods in this area.


Astegon PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Dragon and Darkness
  • Partner Skill : Black Armored Dragon – Can be used as a mount to fly. When mounted, damage dealt to ores is increased.
  • Work Compatibility : Handwork Lv1, Mining Lv4, Oil Extraction Lv3

Astegon is the only Pal with this combination of elements in the entire game. This makes him particularly useful for facing Necromus and Paladius.

Additionally, Astegon is a beast when it comes to its Mining ability. Not only does it allow the player to mine ores faster when mounted, but it also has Mining Lv4 compatibility, making it a serious worker.

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Frostallion Noct

Frostallion Noct PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Darkness
  • Partner Skill : Black Pegasus – Can be used as a mount to fly. When mounted, grants Dark-type attacks to the player and empowers Dark-type attacks.
  • Work Compatibility : Collection Lv4

Don't let its unique and pretty appearance fool you, Frostallion Noct makes a significant impact in battle. Much like its Ice-type sibling, this Pal can be used as a flying mount, and it provides a combat buff that converts the player's damage to Dark, before increasing its power.

While not the most versatile companion at camp, he excels in Gathering, with working Lv4 compatibility in that area.


Helzephyr PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Dark Type
  • Partner Skill : Wings of the Underworld – Can be used as a mount to fly. Grants the player's attacks the Dark type while mounted.
  • Work Compatibility : Transport Lv3

Helzephyr is a terrifying Bird Pal who, like many others on this list, excels in combat scenarios. He unleashes devastating attacks that are extremely difficult for enemies to avoid. It also augments the player's existing damage with additional Dark-type damage, allowing them to transform into dual-element wrecking balls.

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As with some of the other Pals on this list, Helzephyr specializes in one area when left at camp. With a Lv3 Transport, it shouldn't take long before things start moving very quickly around your main base.


Maraith PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Dark Type
  • Partner Skill : Infernal Messenger – Can be used as a mount to move around. Grants the player's attacks the Dark type while mounted.
  • Work Compatibility : Gathering Lv2, Mining Lv1

Maraith is a sturdy Pal that serves as a mount when traversing the game's micro-continents and also adds additional Dark-type damage to the player's existing attacks.

Working in camp, he's a solid addition without really excelling in any significant way.

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Necromus PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Darkness
  • Partner Skill : Abyssal Black Knight – Can be used as a mount to move around. Allows the use of double jump when mounted.
  • Work Compatibility : Deforestation Lv2, Mining Lv2

The only Dark-type Legendary Pal in the entire game, Necromus is as destructive as his status suggests. For starters, this Pal has a useful double-jump partner skill and can contribute to Deforestation and Mining tasks at camp.

Forget all that though, because the only thing you'll want Necromus for is to absolutely dominate on the battlefield. Against all but his direct counterparts, he is more than capable of clearing the field in virtually any setting.


Shadowbeak PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Darkness
  • Partner Skill : Modified Genes – Can be used as a mount to fly. Dark-type attacks are enhanced when mounted.
  • Work Compatibility : Collection Lv1

Out of all the Dark-type Pals in Palworld, Shadowbeak is arguably the best. Although it offers very little in the camp setting, with only a Lv1 Gathering skill, everything else is brilliant.

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It serves as an impressive flying mount that enhances Dark-type attacks when the player mounts it. Aside from that, he is capable of dealing the most damage in the entire game, thanks to his Divine Catastrophe ability.

And here is our list of the best Dark-type Pals that we recommend you have with you in Palworld.

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