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The best Earth-type Pals in Palworld



While some Earth-type Pals boast powerful attacks, others possess varied Job Compatibility, making them excellent for resource mining. So find out which are the best Earth-type Pals in Palworld.

Although Earth-type Pals are not as rare as some other element types, these Pals should not be underestimated. For a new player, they provide a lot of help in quickly establishing a solid base, and with a variety of Earth-type Pals that can be mounted, they're a great choice for exploring the map more quickly.

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Additionally, not all Earth-type Pals are common. In fact, some Earth-type Pals are among the highest ranked in the game.

These Pals are excellent for combat and capable of dealing devastating blows to opponents.
So without further ado, here are the best Earth-type Pals.

The best Pals Terre from Palworld


Anubis in PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Earth
  • Partner Skill : Desert Guardian – When fighting alongside him, grants the player's attacks Earth type. His quick steps sometimes allow him to dodge attacks.
  • Work Compatibility : Manual Labor Lv4, Transportation Lv2, Mining Lv3

Anubis is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Earth-type Pals in the game. When Anubis is deployed and fighting alongside the player, he also applies Earth-type damage to their attacks, making him a fantastic option to have in your team.

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Anubis is also a useful base worker, with a high level in Handwork he can help reduce the time it takes players to craft items.

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Warsect in PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Earth and Leaf
  • Partner Skill : Impenetrable Armor – When fighting alongside him, increases the player's defense and reduces Fire-type damage taken.
  • Work Compatibility : Plantation Lv1, Manual Labor Lv1, Deforestation Lv3, Transport Lv3

Warsect is a fusion of Earth & Leaf elements that excels in combat with its partner skill and in work with its incredible versatility of work compatibility.


Digtoise in PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Earth
  • Partner Skill : Grinding Drill – Immediately uses its attack when called. Follows the player while spinning to break ores more easily.
  • Work Compatibility : Mining Lv3

While Digtoise's partner skill makes him excellent for exploring the map and gathering resources. Players can use Drill Grinder to have Digtoise mining as they traverse the map.

Digtoise isn't as versatile as other Earth-type Pals. Its only working Compatibility is Mining, although at level three it provides a quick way to store stone and ore.

And here is our list of the best Earth-type Pals that we recommend you have with you in Palworld.

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