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The best KATT-AMR class in Warzone: accessories, perks, equipment



Looking for the perfect sniper for long-range one-shots in Warzone? Discover the accessories, assets and equipment of the best KATT-AMR class.

Snipers can one-shot again in Warzone, and very long-distance enthusiasts can finally rediscover the indescribable sensation of the kill at the other end of the map.

Obviously, such a feat requires a weapon up to the challenge. This is why we offer you the best class of the KATT-AMR, a sniper from Modern Warfare 3 capable of wreaking havoc at long range.

Discover the accessories, assets and equipment you'll need for the ultimate KATT-AMR class.


The KATT AMR sniper rifle in Warzone

The best KATT-AMR class in Warzone

The best KATT-AMR accessories

  • Mouth : Sonic XL silencer
  • Canon : Zang-34 cannon
  • Stock : Tactical Stock
  • Cylinder head : Ephemeral quick lock
  • Ammunition : 50 caliber high grain ammunition

To take advantage of the exceptional power of the KATT-AMR, it is essential to maximize bullet speed. To do this, it is best to use the 50 caliber High Grain Ammo and the Zang-34 Cannon.

You can further increase bullet speed by equipping the Sonic XL Silencer. As a bonus, this allows the sniper to remain silent, making it harder for enemies to know where they are being shot from. For its part, the Ephemeral Quick Lock accessory significantly improves rechambering speed, allowing you to stay in combat longer.

The disadvantage of this class is that it is rather heavy, which is why the Tactical Stock is ideal for improving the ADS speed of the KATT-AMR. The KATT-AMR thus remains relatively fast, at least for a sniper in Warzone.

The best advantages with the KATT-AMR

  • Asset 1 : No race
  • Asset 2 : Sleight of hand
  • Asset 3 : Soaked
  • Asset 4 : Maximum alert

Step Run and Sleight of Hand is a great perk combination when using the KATT-AMR in Warzone, as you will be able to move around the map faster and reload almost instantly.

Tempered is a great fit for this class, as you'll be able to quickly apply plates mid-combat to challenge your opponents again.

Finally, High Alert warns you when enemy players are targeting you.

The best equipment with the KATT-AMR

  • Tactics: Smoke Grenade
  • Deadly : Penetrating Charge

The Smoke Grenade is one of the best defensive equipment in Warzone. Use it to create a diversion, hide your escape, or block a line of sight.

The Penetrating Charge has become a great classic of Warzone, far too versatile to do without it!

How to unlock the KATT-AMR in Warzone

The KATT-AMR is unlocked from level 4 in Warzone, at the same time as unlocking the Armory.

The best alternatives to KATT-AMR in Warzone

If you are looking for an alternative to the KATT-AMR, then the FJX Imperium is a great choice thanks to its high mobility, but you will need to equip this weapon with explosive ammo.

You can also opt for the MTZ Interceptor, which remains a wise choice rewarding precise players.

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