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The best LoL champions | Patch 14.3 | Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support



League of Legends Season 2024 continues with patch 14.3. Discover the best champions to climb the ladder!

League of Legends Season 2024 is finally here, bringing with it a lot of changes regarding Summoner's Rift, items and even Champions.

The main goal of Update 14.3 is to balance items and champions and items that clearly stand out from the crowd, whether they dominate the meta or are completely absent from it. Thus, characters like Brand, Rengar and Trundle are entitled to a nerf while Aurelion Sol, Shaco or even Zeri do not pass the buff box.

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Without further ado, discover the best champions at each position on the latest League of Legends patch.


The best champions in Top Lane

LoL champion Zac


Zac is the new terror of the top lane, thanks to his mind-blowing HP regeneration and low but consistent damage. Against many bruisers in the meta, Zac is simply too durable to be taken out of lane. To top it off, the scaling of this champion is excellent, since it offers one of the best teamfight engagements in the game.


Since junglers tend to abandon the toplane, duelists reign supreme there. Against an AD opponent, nothing like a Trundle to impose your dominance in lane.

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The Summoner's Rift swordswoman is particularly difficult to play, and will only show her true potential in the hands of an experienced player. However, his unparalleled dueling skills and terrifying scaling make him an exceptional carry.


Pick Malphite is rarely a bad choice in soloQ, as his ultimate has value in the mid and late game. In a top meta dominated by melee champions, he can survive most matchups, and even be dominant in the right circumstances.

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While most AP champions can hardly afford to take no mana items, Mordekaiser has no mana… so no problem. Then, he benefits enormously from the PV now offered by certain items like Liandry.

Other essential champions of the moment: Darius, Aatrox, Illaoi, Maokai, Garen

The best champions in Jungle

Night League Of Legends


Nocturne has always been a fairly passive jungler, only radiating from level 6 where his ultimate applies monster pressure on the map. Since Season 14 encourages junglers to be less proactive in the early game, Nocturne should be at a particular advantage.


Evelynn's biggest weakness has always been her mediocre start to the game, or the lack of her invisibility passive makes her a poor ganker. With a slower pace in the jungle, the seductress will no longer be penalized for favoring farming over her allies.

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Master Yi

Very weak in early game ganks, Master Yi has indecent scaling and a very good ability to quickly kill objectives.


If you're ready to tame Briar's unique and unsettling gameplay, this patch is the perfect time to earn LP. With the new Titanic Hydra and Shattered Sky, Briar has an impressive mix of damage and tanking.


Ivern has always shined in the meta where he can serve as second support for powerful ADCs. Since the map changes in Season 14 emphasize bot lane action, Ivern can more easily ensure that his carry takes control of the game.

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Other essential champions of the moment: Bel'Veth, Nidalee, Kindred, Vi, Brand

The best champions in Mid Lane

LoL champion Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol

Riot Games had a very heavy hand in buffing Aurelion Sol in patch 14.13. While an emergency nerf has already hit the dragon, the latter remains the heavyweight of the patch in mid.


Akshan has always been particularly good at roaming and impacting other lanes. With the lethality overhaul and the power of the Youmuu, he can do this more effectively than ever!

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Before the 2024 Season, Vladimir has always had a very limited choice of items due to the fact that he wants AP and HP. Now, items like Liandry give both stats, and can pair with powerful options like Rift Maker.

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Profane Hydra gives many AD assassins the small clear speed boost they need to leave mid lane and roam. Naafiri is an ideal candidate for this new item.


Anivia has always loved mana items like the Ancient Staff and the Archangel's Staff. The addition of the Maleficent item further strengthens the Ice Bird build, giving it an even more powerful late game than before.

Other essential champions of the moment: Gragas, Cassiopeia, Kassadin, Taliyah, Qiyana

The best bot champions

Tier list of the best LoL ADCs

Miss Fortune

MF is one of the ADCs best suited to lethality items, and the latter offer more pronounced power spikes early in the game. The bounty hunter is therefore more dominant than ever in the lane phase.

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Powerful in skirmishes and with crazy scaling, Vayne is one of the ADCs with the best carry potential. However, its short range can be particularly punishing for players who struggle to position themselves well.


Nilah lacks the range to stand up to traditional ADCs in lane phases that are a little too calm. But since Season 14 has made the bot lane more volatile than ever, Nilah's excellent skirmish potential is a valuable asset.


Already a very good laner last year, Swain has gained even more power thanks to the AP item overhaul. Malignance is designed for him and considerably increases his potential from level 6.

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Since junglers focus a lot on the bot in Season 14, a bot laner with CC form is a huge advantage for a team. With its good mix of damage, protection and CC, Séraphine is perfectly at home in the meta.

Other essential champions of the moment: Senna, Twisted Fate, Twitch, Jinx, Smolder

The best Supports

LoL champion Maokai


Map changes towards the bottom of the map imposed a skirmish-based meta on the bot. Able to initiate fights, but also to control vision thanks to his shrubs, Maokai has established himself as the essential support at the start of Season 14.

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A single grapple from Blitzcrank can change a lane phase, and a certain chaos reigns in the bot lane at the start of Season 14. The robot has a plethora of opportunities to attempt grapples, or even to roam towards the middle lane .


Bard is capable of dealing surprising damage, but also creating surprising gank opportunities. While junglers play around the bot a lot, the wandering guardian is like a fish to water.


With her excellent CC and colossal damage over time, Zyra is a real terror in the bot lane. In 2v2 or during ganks, it has no difficulty finding its usefulness.

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With her excellent mix of damage, protection and controls, Janna always finds her place in a SoloQ composition. Thanks to her shield and her mobility, she can afford to be particularly aggressive at the start of the game.

Other essential champions of the moment: Rakan, Braum, Rell, Leona, Senna

This concludes our tier list of the best champions in patch 14.3. Remember that a champion's mastery often matters more than their rank in the tier list. Good luck with your ranked games on LoL!

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