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The best Renetti class in Warzone: accessories, perks, equipment



While not a popular choice among Warzone players, the Renetti is a gun that can be very powerful provided you equip the right attachments.

In Warzone's dynamic arsenal, the Renetti Pistol stands out as a versatile and fearsome option for players seeking the perfect balance of power and agility.

Known for its rapid rate of fire and ability to be equipped in akimbo, the Renetti offers an impressive alternative to primary weapons, especially in close quarters encounters.

Find out how to equip this gun in Warzone.


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Renetti Warzone PistolActivision

The Renetti is a rather effective pistol in Warzone.

The best Renetti class in Warzone

The best Renetti accessories

  • Mouth : Sonic XS silencer
  • Laser : XTEN Sidearm-L400
  • Charger : 50-round drum magazine
  • Trigger : Bruen Express
  • Rear handle : Renetti Akimbo

To start this Renetti class in Warzone, we chose the Sonic XS Silencer which improves bullet speed and weapon range while making you undetectable on enemy radars.

The Bruen Express trigger significantly improves rate of fire, while the 50-round drum magazine keeps you from quickly running out of bullets.

The Renetti Akimbo rear grip is what makes this class special, as it allows you to have two Renettis of 38 balls each.

Finally, the XTEN Sidearm-L400 laser will help you improve shooting accuracy and recoil control.

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The best advantages with the Renetti

  • Asset 1: No racing
  • Asset 2: Sleight of hand
  • Asset 3: Soaked
  • Asset 4: Maximum alert

To optimize your Renetti class in Warzone, it is essential to include Step Run which allows you to move quickly around the map as well as Sleight of Hand to reload faster.

By choosing Tempered, you will reduce the total number of armor plates to just two instead of three.

Finally, High Alert is very useful for staying constantly vigilant, especially when wielding sidearms like the Renetti.

The best equipment with the Renetti

  • Tactics: Flash Grenade
  • Deadly : Semtex

In terms of equipment, we recommend using the Semtex with the Flash Grenade. This combination proves effective in quickly dealing with opponents inside buildings, allowing you to clear rooms and disorient enemies, rendering them helpless against your attacks.

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How to unlock the Renetti in Warzone

To unlock the Renetti in Warzone, you just need to reach level 21.

The best alternatives to Renetti in Warzone

If you are looking for alternatives because the Renetti is not for you, then take a look at the COR-45, which is very capable.

You can also try the WSP Swarm, which deals considerable damage while having an excellent rate of fire and low recoil.

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