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The best Striker class in MW3: accessories, perks, equipment



The Striker is an extremely capable submachine gun in Modern Warfare 3. So find out how you should equip it.

Modern Warfare 3 appears to be a game that favors long-range confrontations with assault rifles or machine guns, thus making the use of machine guns more difficult.

However, certain weapons in this category manage to find a place in the meta, notably the Striker which, in a well-chosen class, can become extremely deadly.

This weapon excels in close-quarters and mid-range combat, thanks to its remarkable firepower and recoil that remains completely manageable.

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So find out how you should equip the Striker in MW3.


Striker in MW3Activision

The best Striker class in Modern Warfare 3

The best Striker accessories

  • Mouth : Shadowstrike S Muffler
  • Canon: Tip Striker Barrel
  • Cannon accessory: XRK Edge BW-4 Handguard
  • Charger: 48-round magazine
  • Rear handle: Sakin ZX handle

This Striker class in MW3 starts with the Tipped Striker Cannon, which improves bullet speed and damage range, allowing the machine gun to be deadly even at medium range. Thanks to the Shadowstrike S Silencer, you will also be able to enjoy the surprise effect for longer thanks to more discreet shots.

To improve the already excellent mobility of this weapon a little, opt for the XRK Edge BW-4 Handguard. Since recoil control is essential for chaining hitmarkers, we recommend the Sakin ZX Rear Handle.

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Finally, the 48-round magazine will ensure that you do not run out of ammunition too often during your clashes.

The best assets and equipment with the Striker

  • Vest: Infantry vest
  • Gloves: Commando glove
  • Boots: Hedging shoes
  • Equipment: Anti-detection camouflage
  • Deadly: Semtex
  • Tactic: Battle Rage
  • Combat Enhancement: Deadly Silence

To begin with, the Infantry Vest will increase your tactical speed by reducing its recharge time and increasing its duration. Then, the Commando Gloves will allow you to recharge during your sprint.

Cover Shoes and Anti-Detection Camouflage will help you maintain stealth while on the move, blocking detection from drones, radars, and heart sensors.

Semtex will allow you to damage opponents in a corner, while Combat Rage will increase your health regeneration, your resistance to tactical equipment and restore your tactical sprint permanently.

How to unlock the Striker in MW3

You can unlock the Striker by reaching level 4 in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. This means you only need a handful of games to unlock this powerful submachine gun.

The best alternatives to the Striker in MW3

If you want to try a different weapon than the Striker in Modern Warfare 3, then we recommend the Rival-9.

However, if you want to use a weapon with greater range, the MCW Assault Rifle is an ideal choice.

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