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The best tactical rifles in Warzone: Season 4 rankings



Tactical rifles can deal considerable damage in long-range combat. Here is our ranking of the best tactical rifles in Warzone for Season 4.

Warzone Season 4 is in full swing, bringing a ton of new content. Although the most popular weapons are often assault rifles and submachine guns, the return of the Kar98k as a tactical rifle has stolen the show for long-range combat.

So we’ve compiled a ranking of the best tactical rifles in Warzone for Season 4, including the five most viable options.

Ranking the best tactical rifles in Warzone

Warzone offers 13 tactical rifles, each offering a different option with varying stats. So here is the ranking of Warzone tactical rifles, from best to worst:

  1. Kar98k
  2. Lockwood MK2
  3. KVD Enforcer
  4. DM56
  5. MCW 6.8
  6. MTZ Interceptor
  7. Tempus Torrent
  8. SP-R 208
  9. EBR-14
  10. TAQ-M
  11. Crossbow
  12. LM-S
  13. SA-B 50

The best tactical rifles in Warzone

5.MCW 6.8

MCW 6.8 Warzone

MCW 6.8 will feel like a balanced version of DMR in Warzone.

The semi-automatic version of the popular ACR, the MCW 6.8, combines firepower and increased comfort, with minimal recoil, ideal for mid-to-long range combat in Warzone. Although it doesn’t outperform its competitors, MCW 6.8 remains an effective alternative for players looking for a challenge.


DM56 Warzone Tactical Rifle

The DM56 is the perfect alternative if you are looking for extra damage and range.

Despite less popularity compared to other rifles on the list, the DM56, a semi-automatic tactical rifle, made it into the top five thanks to its ease of use and high damage. Although this weapon can achieve three-shot kills, it has been outperformed by several competitors with slightly better TTK.

3. KVD Enforcer

KVD Enforcer Warzone

The KVD Enforcer has high damage and low knockback.

The KVD Enforcer has climbed this ranking thanks to its ease of use and excellent damage. Although it is a semi-automatic weapon, its impressive damage combined with great range, maneuverability, and recoil control make the KVD Enforcer an exceptional choice for medium to long range combat.

2. Lockwood MK2

Lockwood MK2 Warzone

The Lockwood MK2 is still a popular choice in Warzone.

Often underestimated, the Lockwood MK2 received the new JAK Wardens part, transforming the weapon into the Model 1887 of the original MW2, making it an excellent choice for close-range combat. Veterans will remember the power of this weapon in 2009’s MW2, and the same qualities are found with the Lockwood MK2, which manages to land the second place tactical rifle in Warzone.

1. Kar98k – The best tactical rifle in Warzone

Kar98k Warzone Tactical Rifle

The Kar98k is the best tactical rifle in Warzone.

Since its return, the Kar98k has dominated the tactical rifle category, being the best choice for gamers. Just like its original version, this weapon offers excellent mobility, high damage, and great range, allowing players to easily eliminate enemies across Uzriksan and Rebirth Island.

Additionally, by equipping the best attachments, you can further enhance its range, allowing you to cover almost any long-range fight and emerge victorious.

And here is our ranking of the best tactical rifles in Warzone. If you want to learn more about Battle Royale, be sure to check out some of our other guides below:

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