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The best Water-type Pals in Palworld



Water-type Pals tend to offer a great combination of combat effectiveness and utility for camp work. So here are the best Water-type Pals in Palworld.

While Fire-type Pals are undeniably the strongest in the game overall, their Water-type counterparts are no slouches either. At camp, water management skills play an extremely important role in the food production cycle.

Out of camp, Water-type Pals are the best way to deal with some of the game's most formidable enemies as players look to add them to their collection.

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Not all are created equal, some stand out from their immediate peers through their skills and overall power.

So find out without further delay which are the best Water-type Pals.

The best Pals Eau from Palworld


Gobfin PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Water
  • Partner Skill : Grumpy Shark – Turns towards the targeted enemy when called to attack them with the powerful WaterGun skill. The player's attack increases when he is on the team.
  • Work Compatibility : Manual Labor Lv1, Transportation Lv1, Watering Lv2

While not as powerful as some of the Pals on this list, Gobfin is extremely useful in combat thanks to his high-damage partner skill.

Additionally, he has excellent utility around camp, helping with multiple tasks, even if only at a low level. Although Gobfin will likely be replaced as your adventure progresses, it is the best option for the first ten levels or so.

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Relaxaurus PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Water and Dragon
  • Partner Skill : Hungry Missile – Can be used as a mount to move around. Allows the use of rapid fire on the missile launcher when mounted.
  • Work Compatibility : Watering Lv1, Transport Lv2

Probably the cutest Pal Dragon in Palworld, Relaxaurus is a remarkably well-balanced Water-type that's definitely worth collecting as soon as possible. His partner skill transforms the player and their Pal into a veritable war machine, showering death from above.

The Transport compatibility is great to have around camp to speed up resource gathering, and Watering is nice to have as an extra utility, even if it's only Lv1.

Suzaku Aqua

Suzaku Aqua PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Water
  • Partner Skill : Water Wings – Can be used as a mount to fly. Water-type attacks are boosted while mounted.
  • Work Compatibility : Watering Lv3

Suzaku Aqua has an incredible design and is one of the few Water-type flying mounts in the game. It provides excellent combat bonuses to the player, granting additional Water damage to basic attacks of any type. It also deals significant damage on its own, tearing through many of its peers on the Paldeck.

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Although it only has one working compatibility, it is still very effective. Watering at Lv3 is a relatively rare trait and is worth obtaining if you are having trouble keeping up with your Pals' dietary demands.


Surf PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Water
  • Partner Skill : Stealth Burrower – Can be used as a mount while swimming. When mounted, stamina no longer drops during water travel.
  • Work Compatibility : Watering Lv2

It may look like an inflatable pool toy, but Surfent is a solid Water-type Pal choice for the midgame. Its partner skill, similar to another Pal that features later in this list, prevents stamina loss when traveling on water.

Surfent also deals significant damage in combat and is a serious contributor to the camp, thanks to his Sprinkle skill.

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Broncherry Aqua

Broncherry Aqua PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Water and Leaf
  • Partner Skill : Excess Love – Can be used as a mount to move around. Carry the player's belongings while on the team to increase their max weight.
  • Work Compatibility : Watering Lv3

The Water version of the original Broncherry is just as great to look at and just as valuable to have. As a partner, it greatly increases carrying capacity and can be mounted more generally, making it the perfect accompaniment when gathering resources.

Its Watering Lv3 compatibility is also instrumental, quickly saturating crops as players seek to increase their ability to produce crops.


Penking PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Water and Ice
  • Partner Skill : Sea Warrior – When fighting alongside him, the number of items obtained increases if a Fire-type Pal is defeated.
  • Work Compatibility : Watering Lv2, Manual Labor Lv2, Transportation Lv2, Mining Lv2, Cooling Lv2

Probably one of the most versatile Pals, Penking is a must-have around any serious camp. Able to complete five different job types, all at Lv2, there are few preferable options among the entire Paldeck.

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On the move, it is also a relatively valuable companion, allowing you to obtain more drops from defeated Fire-type opponents. Considering his immense base power, it's hard to imagine the game without Penking.


Azurobe PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Water and Dragon
  • Partner Skill : Water Dance – Can be used as a mount for swimming. Grants the player's attacks Water type while mounted.
  • Work Compatibility : Watering Lv3

A Pal rarely gets a double-edged partner skill, but Azurobe comes with utility in abundance. The ability to mount it on water saves a huge amount of hassle, and it provides additional damage to the player every time it is mounted.

At camp, the Lv3 Sprinkle skill is great to have, even if it's the only dimension Azurobe brings to the party.

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Jormuntide PalworldPOCKET EVEN
  • Element : Water and Dragon
  • Partner Skill : Stormy Sea Dragon – Can be used as a mount while swimming. When mounted, stamina no longer drops during water travel.
  • Work Compatibility : Watering Lv4

The best Water-type Pal at the time of writing this article is undoubtedly Jormuntide. His partner skill makes moving through the many bodies of water in the Palpagos Islands a breeze, and he is the only Pal capable of Water at Lv4, greatly improving the speed at which the player can farm food.

Jormuntide's true strength comes from his power in battle. The damage dealt is immense, and Jormuntide can quickly defeat most Fire-type Pals in the game, especially in the late game where it becomes accessible.

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And here is our list of the best Water-type Pals that we recommend you have with you in Palworld.

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