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The best WSP-9 class in Warzone: accessories, perks, equipment



The WSP-9 is a particularly effective submachine gun to use in Warzone provided you equip the right attachments and perks.

Players taking an aggressive approach to their playstyle often have a weakness for submachine guns, especially those that offer attributes typical of assault rifles.

The WSP-9 perfectly illustrates this scenario. Inspired by the Uzi, this submachine gun shines in both short and medium range duels, as long as each bullet hits its target.

So here is a guide on how to equip the WSP-9 in Warzone to maximize its effectiveness.


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The WSP-9 submachine gun in WarzoneActivision

The best WSP-9 class in Warzone

The best accessories for the WSP-9

  • Cannon : Integrated WSP Infiltrator silencer
  • Laser : VLK LZR 7mW
  • Telescope : Slate deflector
  • Stock : WSP Classics factory stock
  • Charger : 40-round magazine

For this class of the WSP-9, we recommend improving recoil control and range with accessories such as the WSP Infiltrator Integrated Silencer and the WSP Classics Factory Stock.

Its slow rate of fire makes the WSP-9 a bit unforgiving, so it's essential not to miss its shots. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use a clear short and medium range scope like the Slate Deflector.

The WSP's default loader is quite small, which is not ideal in Warzone. It is then possible to remedy this by using the 40-round magazine to reduce the frequency of reloading. However, these accessories can make the WSP-9 a bit slow, so a handling improvement via the VLK LZR 7mW is optimal.

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The best features with the WSP-9

  • Asset 1: No racing
  • Asset 2: Sleight of hand
  • Asset 3: Tracker
  • Asset 4: Maximum alert

Step Run is the most powerful Perk 1 in Warzone, as it greatly increases mobility by improving Tactical Sprinting. As for Perk 2, Sleight of Hand helps mitigate the reduced size of the 40-round magazine by increasing reload speed, allowing you to quickly return to the action.

The WSP-9 being a submachine gun, you have the opportunity to play quickly and shake up your opponents. In this context, Tracker is an interesting option, because it reveals the footsteps of your enemies, allowing you to better know where they are.

Finally, High Alert is the best choice with this weapon, as this perk will tell you when enemies are aiming in your direction, which can save your life.

The best equipment with the WSP-9

  • Deadly : Semtex
  • Tactics: Stun Grenade

From a gear perspective, the Semtex is a nice option for clearing certain rooms in buildings while the Stun Grenade virtually guarantees victory in a firefight by immobilizing the enemy.

How to unlock the WSP-9 in Warzone

You can obtain the WSP-9 through the Arsenal unlock at level 25. Then activate the WSP-9 and complete three daily challenges to have it in your classes.

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The best alternatives to WSP-9 in Warzone

If you're looking for a submachine gun other than the WSP-9, then you can't go wrong with the WSP Swarm or the Fennec 45 from MW2.

On the other hand, if you want to try a weapon that excels in long-range combat, the BAS-B will be more useful to you.

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