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The best WSP Swarm class in MW3: accessories, perks, equipment



The WSP Swarm is a submachine gun with a fast rate of fire in Modern Warfare 3. Discover the accessories and assets to create the best class of this SMG.

Submachine guns have always enjoyed huge popularity in Call of Duty. Extremely lethal at short and medium range, SMGs invite you to play aggressively and confront your opponents in rapid duels.


The WSP Swarm is no exception, with a high rate of fire and a very competitive TTK. In the right hands, this weapon can take down multiple enemies with a single clip.

Without further ado, discover the best accessories, assets and equipment to create the ultimate WSP Swarm class.



The WSP Swarm submachine gun in Modern Warfare 3

The best WSP Swarm class in Modern Warfare 3

The best accessories for the WSP Swarm

  • Mouth : Shadowstrike Silencer
  • Canon : WSP Reckless-90 long barrel
  • Telescope : Reflex Quarters Classic
  • Cannon accessory : XRK Edge BW-4 handguard
  • Charger : 40-round magazine

The WSP Swarm is a lethal and mobile submachine gun in MW3. It is on these strong points that this class focuses, but also on correcting the gaping flaws of the weapon, namely its range and its very limited number of bullets.

The combination of the Shadowstrike Silencer and the XRK Edge BW-4 Handguard will allow you to enjoy silent shooting coupled with extreme mobility. With these accessories, you can opt for a very aggressive play style, based on flanking, to try to take your enemies by surprise.

To address the WSP Swarm's weaknesses, start by equipping a 40-round Magazine. The latter will allow you to chain kills without putting too much strain on your mobility. When it comes to lack of range, there's nothing like a WSP Reckless-90 Long Barrel.


Finally, the basic sight of this submachine gun is not the most ergonomic. We advise you to replace it with a short-range focused viewfinder, like the excellent Reflex Quarters Classic.

The best assets and equipment with the WSP Swarm

  • Vest: Demolition Vest
  • Gloves: Raiders Gloves
  • Boots: Cover boots
  • Equipment: Anti-detection camouflage
  • Tactic: Stun Grenade
  • Deadly: Grenade frag
  • Combat Improvement: Trophy System

The Demolition Vest is the ideal choice for an SMG class, since it allows you to recover your valuable equipment more quickly with a view to short/medium distance confrontations.

For the rest of the assets, we opt for the Plunderer Gloves and the Cover Boots which offer a lot of playing comfort.


On the equipment side, the combination of frag and stun grenades has already proven itself. Finally, the Trophy System will allow you to resist enemy grenades.

How to Unlock WSP Swarm in MW3

It is necessary to reach level 27 to unlock the WSP Swarm in Modern Warfare 3. You can easily reach this milestone by playing Warzone, since the Battle Royale mode is particularly generous in XP.


The best alternatives to WSP Swarm in MW3

If the WSP Swarm isn't to your liking, there are other submachine guns that will quench your thirst for close-range duels. We particularly advise you to try the Rival-9.

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