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The best WSP Swarm class in Warzone: accessories, perks, equipment



The WSP Swarm is a submachine gun that's perfect for an aggressive playstyle in Warzone, but its merciless recoil requires a specific class to get the most out of it.

Submachine guns have always played a crucial role in the Warzone meta, especially those offering rapid TTK in close combat.

In this regard, WSP Swarm stands out as a promising choice on Urzikstan and Fortune's Keep. Inspired by the Uzi Pro, this compact submachine gun shines with its high firing speed and its ability to destroy enemies at close range.

However, its drawbacks can make it difficult to master. Therefore, having an optimal class is necessary to fully exploit its potential in Warzone, and we have all the information you need to help you.

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WSP Swarm Warzone Submachine GunActivision

The WSP Swarm makes up for its lack of range with an incredibly fast rate of fire.

The best WSP Swarm class in Warzone

The best accessories for the WSP Swarm

  • Mouth : L4R flash reducer
  • Cannon : WSP Reckless-90 long barrel
  • Telescope : Reflector Mk.3
  • Stock : FSS Fortress heavy stock
  • Charger : 50-round magazine

The WSP Swarm's biggest weakness is that it can be difficult to control due to its sporadic knockback. To make its recoil more manageable, it is best to use the FSS Fortress Heavy Stock and the L4R Flash Reducer.

Likewise, the WSP Swarm's base sight isn't exactly ideal for a weapon with such recoil, so using a short-range scope like the Reflector Mk.3 is highly recommended.

The WSP Reckless-90 Long Barrel is the best accessory for this submachine gun, as it not only reduces recoil, but also significantly increases the effective range. These stat increases are fantastic in Warzone, where duels typically take place at longer ranges than in multiplayer.

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However, the real selling point of the WSP Swarm is its maddening rate of fire. This strong point, however, requires investing in a magazine so as not to run out of ammunition too quickly. The 50 Round Magazine is the perfect option, greatly enlarging the magazine with virtually no negative effects.

The best advantages with the WSP Swarm

  • Asset 1: No racing
  • Asset 2: Observer
  • Asset 3: Tracker
  • Asset 4: Maximum alert

Since the WSP Swarm excels at close mobility, perks like Running Step and Tracker are preferable. The first improves tactical speed, allowing you to move faster, while the second increases the speed of lateral movement and movement in aiming mode.

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When using the WSP Swarm, you will run around buildings, constantly looking for your opponents. This can run the risk of triggering a proximity mine or deadly claymore, but Watcher saves you from this fate by highlighting enemy equipment through walls.

Another thing to take into account is that transitioning around Urzikstan can make you vulnerable to snipers. To mitigate this risk, it's best to equip High Alert, which provides information when an enemy is targeting you, allowing you to preemptively maneuver to avoid shots.

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The best equipment with the WSP Swarm

  • Deadly : Penetrating charge
  • Tactics: Stun Grenade

As for equipment, the Penetrating Charge is ideal for eliminating opponents from a position of strength. Likewise, the Stun Grenade can make enemies vulnerable by temporarily restricting their movements.

How to unlock the WSP Swarm in Warzone

You can unlock the WSP Swarm in Warzone by reaching level 27. You can also mine the WSP Swarm from Zombies mode.

The best alternatives to WSP Swarm in Warzone

The Rival-9 is a great alternative to the WSP Swarm, as it is also a formidable short-range submachine gun with a fast fire rate and competitive TTK.

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