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The best XRK Stalker class in Warzone: accessories, perks, equipment



The XRK Stalker is a particularly effective sniper rifle in Warzone provided you equip the right accessories and perks.

Warzone Season 2 Update Reload has arrived with a ton of new features for players to enjoy. This includes adding a mobile location to the Fortune's Keep map, adding the Soulrender and SOA Subverer as well as balancing several weapons.


But aside from all these changes, the XRK Stalker remains one of the best snipers to use at all ranges in Battle Royale.

So find out how you should equip this weapon.



Sniper XRK Stalker WarzoneActivision

The XRK Stalker is a sniper that wreaks havoc in Warzone.

The best XRK Stalker class in Warzone

The best accessories for the XRK Stalker

  • Mouth : Sonic XL silencer
  • Cannon : Canon Fission 60
  • Laser : Laser FSS OLE-V
  • Cylinder head : XRK Stalker Lightweight Lock
  • Ammunition : .50 caliber Spitzer ammunition

The XRK Stalker is a fast and very mobile weapon. While you can't one-shot this sniper in Warzone, the FSS OLE-V Laser and XRK Stalker Light Bolt will allow you to perform multiple shots in rapid succession.

In addition to the XRK's excellent speed, we can make this sniper pack even more punch by increasing its bullet velocity with the .50 Caliber Spitzer Ammo and the Sonic XL Silencer.


The Canon Fission 60 completes the XRK's accessory list by increasing its range.

The best features with the XRK Stalker

  • Asset 1: Concentration
  • Asset 2: Minesweeper
  • Asset 3: Soaked
  • Asset 4: Maximum alert

Focus is the perfect perk for XRK, as it extends the time you hold your breath while Minesweeper will protect you from explosive damage.

Tempered will allow you to reach maximum health with just two plates, improving your ability to recover quickly after a firefight.


Finally, High Alert will allow you to strike back at all nearby enemies, regardless of distance.

The best equipment with the XRK Stalker

  • Tactics: Smoke Grenade
  • Deadly : Throwing knife

The Throwing Knife will be very useful for eliminating downed players while the Smoke Grenade is a popular choice for getting out of trouble as you move across Urzikstan.

How to unlock the XRK Stalker in Warzone

The XRK Stalker is an arsenal unlock that can be obtained by activating it in the Armory and completing 3 Daily Challenges.


The best alternatives to XRK Stalker in Warzone

The best alternative to the XRK Stalker is the KATT-AMR due to its ability to kill players with one bullet.

MW2's FJX Imperium is also a great alternative that looks more like the XRK Stalker than the KATT-AMR.


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