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The Boys season 4: the end of episode 4 is much more sinister than you think



Homelander returned the ending of episode 4 of season 4 of The Boys already terrifying, but there’s a hidden detail you may have missed that makes this ending even more sinister than it already is.

Episode 4 of season 4 of The Boys saw the milk-obsessed Super return to the Vought laboratory where he was “raised”, allowing us to learn a little more about Homelander (or the Protector in French) and the trauma he experienced through the pass. We then understand a little better why he became the psychopath he is today.

Before going any further, be aware that the rest of this article contains spoilers for season 4 of The Boysso we advise you to be up to date before continuing further.

Throughout Episode 4, we get a glimpse of the horrific experiments carried out on Homelander when he was still a child. Tests closer to torture than medical experiments, which were carried out by secret employees of the Vought laboratory, such as Marty and Frank, under the instructions of Director Barbara.

Homelander returns there for revenge. After remembering being tortured in the oven room, he forces Frank into it, and burns him alive.

He then turns to Marty, who nicknamed Homelander “Squirt” when he was a teenager after catching him masturbating. In retaliation, he burns her crotch with his laser vision before crushing her head with his boot.

Homelander who pokes a hole in Marty in episode 4 of season 4 of The Boys

When Barbara arrives, it’s clear that she’s the only person Homelander will obey. She insists that he will never be able to overcome his human side and his need for love and affection. But Homelander tells her she’s wrong.

In the final scene, we see Barbara in Homelander’s old room (which looks more like a cell than a child’s bedroom), trembling in fear at the bloody spectacle left by the leader of the Seven. Indeed, Homelander massacred all of the Vought lab employees except her, with pieces of their bodies scattered around the room and blood all over the walls.

While that’s sinister enough on its own, if you look at the door you’ll see a few melted metal plates on the side. So it looks like Homelander has sealed the door with his lasers, meaning Barbara can’t escape.

Additionally, since the Vought lab is top secret, it’s unlikely anyone will find it. In other words, Homelander will most certainly let “his surrogate mother” starve to death, among the corpses of his team.

On Reddit, a fan of The Boys shared a screenshot of this detail, writing: “This door won’t open anytime soon. »

Barbara at the end of episode 4 of season 4 of The Boys

“Oh, he sealed that door with his lasers!?!” »said another, while a third added: “Omg!! I didn’t notice that during the episode. I wonder if we should assume that means she dies in there? I didn’t think so at first but now I’m not sure. »

A fourth suggested the door didn’t even need to be melted, as it could simply be closed with the wheel. “It’s a secret Vought lab that no one really knows about. So no one is going to realize anytime soon that something is wrong”they explained.

“She won’t get out of there before she dies of dehydration…I mean, technically she could probably survive longer than the usual three days before dying by drinking the human blood there to keep herself alive…but I doubt it really someone checks the lab. »

And then there’s the fact that Homelander now runs Vought, which means that even if someone found out that Barbara is stuck there, they wouldn’t want to risk their lives to save her.

“Homelander runs Vought and I don’t think a lot of people are supposed to know about this place, which is why they were so surprised when someone came down in the elevator”said another.

“Besides, Homelander put her there and it’s unlikely that anyone with knowledge of this place would risk upsetting him to save her.” »

Episodes 1 to 4 of season 4 of The Boys are available for streaming on Prime Video. You can find out when the next episode will be released with our season 4 release schedule.

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