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The Boys season 4: this scene with Sister Sage in episode 4 was unbearable for fans



Although there was a lot of violence and blood in Season 4 Episode 4 of The Boysone scene in particular involving Sister Sage shocked many fans, who clearly weren’t ready for this sequence.

The arrival of Sister Sage as a new Super was a great addition for the Seven, having hatched a devious plan for Homelander to cause chaos and thwart Starlight’s actions. Stella).

But being the smartest person in the world also has its downsides. As shown in episode 3 of season 4 of The BoysSister Sage’s behavior changed when she had an affair with The Deep (or Fishman).

When the camera pulled away, the audience could see what appeared to be a recently used lobotomy tool on his desk.

This was confirmed in the latest one, namely episode 4, where Sage’s brain is back in working order. The Deep confronts her about her changing temper, and that’s when she opens up to him, revealing that his brain is capable of regeneration.

So, while most humans have a drink or exercise to relax after a long day, Sage performs small temporary lobotomies on herself.

In particular, she will convince him (quite easily) to perform the procedure on her, which involves inserting a metal spike called an orbitoclast, used for the practice of transorbital lobotomy. The surgical instrument is slipped between the eye and its orbit, then pushed in with a hammer so that it reaches the brain.

A scene for which many fans were not prepared, and this is why many quickly became disillusioned once the operation in question began, whether because of the visually terrifying aspect of the scene, but also because of the sound effects, making it particularly unbearable for some.

This is particularly the case of this Internet user, who declared this on Reddit: “Is the lobotomy sex scene the one they said was the most disgusting thing they had ever filmed? Because I definitely feel a little nauseous after that, Jesus f**king Christ.”

“I had to leave the room…I wasn’t prepared for that,” said another, while a third added, “I just passed that scene. I can’t stand stuff with my eyes.”

They weren’t the only ones who had to pass the stage, with another saying: “I passed this scene. It was too much for me.”

“It was the first time in the series that I had to look away,” commented a fifth, while another said, “I’m usually comfortable with the gore in this series, but even I had to look away.”

Not everyone agrees however, with some fans believing that there is another moment in Season 4 of The Boys which is even worse, and it is obviously a tribute to The Human Centipede.

As a reminder, in episode 2 of season 4, Frenchie and Kimiko find six versions of Splinter, a Super with the power to duplicate himself, all in a line in the style of the Human Centipede, pleasing each other while the first of the line masturbates in front of an image of Firecracker.

A sequence that was explicit to say the least, but which was too much for certain countries, since it was censored by Amazon Prime Video India.

Splinter (Rob Benedict) in episode 2 of season 4 of The Boys

In response to viewers who consider Sister Sage’s lobotomy to be the most disgusting scene in The Boys so far, one fan replied: “My vote still goes to rimming The Human Centipede.”

But another disapproved: “I’m okay with watching penises like Ant-Man vs. Thanos and Human Centipedes eating ass while masturbating, but watching a brain lobotomy is my limit.”

Episodes 1 to 4 of season 4 of The Boys are now available for streaming on Prime Video. And to find out more about the upcoming ones, check out our season 4 episode release schedule. You can also read if Soldier Boy will return, why Billy Butcher is dying, or even why Homelander is obsessed with milk.

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