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The Cast of Us #72



The original MeuPlayStation podcast, The Cast of Us, now has a stronger boost. Guilherme Diasjoin our team of presenters of the most beloved program on the Internet (contains intentional exaggerations).

Gui's arrival aims to expand our content delivery to the PlayStation community. The podcast itself is going through a kind of “store cleaning”, reformulating some frames, introducing new dynamics and offering much more to you, dear reader.

And right in this first new episode we address a somewhat sad subject. We PlayStation fans will be without a major PlayStation Studios exclusive for a whole year. When could we imagine this!?

The Cast of Us

The roots are still here. Our team members will also make super special appearances, to enrich the program. So if you are already used to any of the voices, know that they will continue to appear here (we are inevitable!).

The same episode will continue to be published in the more traditional aggregates (Spotify, Apple…etc). YouTube is a new way for you to get to know us a little more and interact in a more objective way. Take the opportunity to follow our presenters:

Obviously, you are invited to comment: What do you think about the absence of exclusives from the house – made by Sony's own studios – on the PS5 for a whole year?

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