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The Damned, exclusive to PS5



Shines Over: The Damned is another horror game that is coming exclusively to PS5. Your difference? You will be tense during the gameplay, but at least you will have a dog to keep you company while you survive and solve the puzzles scattered throughout the scenarios.

The game is described as a unique adventure where “your senses will be tested and your reality questioned”. Promising a lot of immersion in first-person gameplay, the gameplay was highlighted in the announcement trailer. Check it out below:

You have no name, no weapons. There are no friends to protect you. You are alone, except for your faithful dog, who will guide you through this dark world and stay by your side.

More details on Shines Over: The Damned

These Shines Over: The Damned puzzles will have a somewhat classic feel to them. Despite being a first-person game, their solution will resemble platform games. See more details below:

  • Beware the horrors that await you in Shines Over: The Damned. You have been warned…
  • Beautifully crafted environments powered by Megascans enhance the game's dark story.
  • High-tension exploration exposing the terrifying secrets of the world around you – expect scares!
  • Engaging first-person gameplay with platforming elements to access new areas of the world.
  • Environmental challenges to solve, each revealing new secrets.
  • Explore a dark and oppressive world with an atmosphere of horror.

Did you enjoy finding out more about the new PS5 exclusive? It will arrive “soon”, without a specific date, according to Firenut Games.

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