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The Dark World shows a disturbing world



Karma: The Dark World, a psychological horror game inspired by the classic book 1984, by George Orwell, has new trailers released by Pollard Studio. The images reveal a disturbing world where hope and humanity are mere illusions.

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The new videos shared this week bring the contrast between lack of hope and comfort. While one of them shows the Leviathan Corporation’s intentions to surveil citizens, another reveals the evil plans behind a brutal alienation.

As players of Karma: The Dark World take on the role of Agent Daniel, they will discover that things are far from as they seem. Now, he must embark on a terrifying journey to find reality and escape an endless nightmare.


Watch the new game trailers below:


Karma: The Dark World is in development for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. A release date has not yet been announced.


Learn more about Karma: The Dark World

Read the game description below, according to Pollard Studio:

Karma: The Dark World is a first-person cinematic psychological thriller set in a dystopian world where the Leviathan Corporation is omnipresent. The time is 1984, the place is East Germany and things are not quite what they seem.

You are Daniel, a Roam Agent from Leviathan’s Thought Bureau, and you have been brought in to investigate actions that happened at a very specific time. A moment that opens the mind to a world of espionage and betrayal, full of deep and dark secrets.


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