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The director of Solo Leveling opens up about this major change to the anime



The director of Solo Leveling returned to a change that occurred in the anime, explaining why he had distanced himself from the original Chugong manhwa.

Solo Leveling is undoubtedly one of the flagship animes of the start of 2024, season 1 having ended a few days ago after 12 episodes. The story transports us to a world that, a decade ago, has radically changed following the appearance of mysterious portals that open into a realm of magic and monsters.

Monsters that are impervious to modern weapons, humans being defenseless against these dangerous creatures. But to face this threat, some humans have been given supernatural powers. They are called Hunters.

The plot then centers on Sung Jinwoo, considered “the weakest hunter of all time”, who relentlessly hunts monsters in low-ranking dungeons in order to pay for his mother's medical expenses as well as school fees. of his sister.

What if the animated adaptation of Solo Leveling produced by A-1 Pictures generally follows the story of the original work, there are still subtle changes compared to the Chugong manhwa. One of these notable changes is in particular the absence of the humorous dimension, marked in particular by the “chibi” style present in the manhwa. A modification which had divided fans at the time of the anime's release.

This is why Shunsuke Nakashige, the director of Solo Leveling, returned to the subject, explaining why he decided to exclude chibi scenes in the anime. In his statement, shared on (formerly Twitter) by an Internet user, Nakashige therefore confides in the expectations he had when embarking on the adaptation of Solo Leveling. He then explains:

“I thought this work required the high-end visuals that are trending these days. Therefore, I tried to avoid cartoon-like expressions as much as possible and attempted to use compositions, colors, and camera treatments similar to live-action footage. However, this would inevitably result in extra work on the video itself and could kill the uniqueness of each section. In order to find a compromise, we had numerous discussions with the staff of each section during meetings and video verifications.”

The A-1 Pictures studio was praised by fans for the quality of its adaptation. It's clear that the animation studio was aiming for a more refined aesthetic for the story. Therefore, they decided to remove the chibi scenes entirely. Additionally, the manhwa's creator, Chugong, also helped the studio with several changes exclusive to the anime.

It remains to be seen if the sequel to the anime Solo Levelingwith a second season called Arise from the Shadowwill continue its momentum or if the humorous aspect will be introduced at the same time as the new powers of Jinwoo, who is now the “Monarch of Shadows”.

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