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The Elder Scrolls book will teach you how to survive in Tamriel



Insight Editions will release an Elder Scrolls book called the “Official Guide to Tamriel.” In the work, players will understand through exclusive texts and images how the culture of the region, the creatures, and the environment itself are great dangers for anyone walking around the area.

The guide features vibrant art and advice on how to avoid having your Social Security number canceled while being “guided by Ja'dasha, an intradiegetic Khajiit author.” Tamriel is described as a diverse land, with nine distinct provinces, including Morrowind, which is explored in detail.


With The Elder Scrolls book, players will understand even more why certain narrative decisions were made throughout the franchise's games. Mainly involving the Morrowind region, which is featured in the third game of the franchise and Online.

The Elder Scrolls book will be released on March 26, 2024 and is on pre-order on Amazon in the US and UK. The guide even shows the killers how they can find jobs within the region's laws there. Watch:


Preventing (Legal) Murder: Tamriel is home to many assassins, but only in the lands of Morrowind is such work perfectly, completely and utterly legal in the Morag Tong's guild.

The Elder Scrolls book

Skyrim composer not involved in The Elder Scrolls VI

Jeremy Soule, composer of the soundtracks for Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind, will not participate in The Elder Scrolls VI project. To date, Bethesda has not included it in development plans. Find out more here!

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