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The Film Will Have Beloved Track “Live and Learn”



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Sonic 3: The Movie promises to be full of nostalgia! Do you remember Sonic Adventure 2, which marked the Dreamcast and Gamecube generation? If you have played, watched or just like the game's soundtracks, you probably know the song that opened and closed the game: “Live and Learn” by Crush 40. Well, it will be in the feature film.

That's right, after many fan requests and speculation about Shadow the Hedgehog's appearance in the cinema, the song “Live and Learn” was confirmed on the Sonic 3 soundtrack.

A teaser trailer released last week already gave a preview of the song, which appears to have a more orchestral feel than the original. Look:

Crush 40 frontman Johnny Gioeli spoke to Aftermath about the deal with Paramount to put the song in the film:

I actually signed a deal with Paramount to put out the song. How they use it is strictly up to them. Paramount now has the legal right to use 'Live and Learn' however they see fit. Let's hope the film lives up to the music! This milestone doesn’t feel like it’s for me at all. It's for the fans who supported and endured the wait!

Heavy gaming scene may appear in Sonic 3: The Movie

Taking advantage of the hook about Shadow in Sonic 3: The Movie, it is worth mentioning that SEGA and Paramount seem to be interested in adapting a very heavy part of the lore of Sonic's rival. Maria may appear in the film. Understand better here!

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