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The Finals is inspired by Helldivers 2: players “love” the new Career Circuit



Season 2 of The Finals has finally arrived and introduces a new way to earn rewards in the form of a Career Circuit, inspired by the Helldivers 2 model.

Season 2 of Embark Studios' free-to-play shooter has begun and with this update, players can experience a brand new theme based on neon lights, glitches in the matrix and, most importantly, new weapons, gadgets and a brand new Battle Pass.


New to Season 2 of The Finals is the Career Track, which is essentially an overhaul of the weekly contracts that rewards players with Multibucks, aka the game's premium currency. In some ways, this system is similar to the How players can earn free Super Credits in Helldivers 2.

Players absolutely loved this move and praised the developers for listening to community feedback.


The Finals Players Congratulate Developers on Free Multibucks in Season 2 Career Track

With the launch of Season 2, player Syxtaine was surprised when he discovered that The Finals rewards free Multibucks after completing Career Track contracts, and found that ” Truly unbelievable “.

Several players from the community joined in and expressed how much they “ love this game “. Some even praised Embark for its honest management of “ the Age of Microtransactions » as they reward players abundantly with “ 0 financial contribution required “.


Players think this move is a big “ change » and that the gaming industry “ must take notes “.

While Helldivers 2 isn't a free-to-play game like The Finals, Arrowhead Game Studios' streaming service also offers ways to earn SuperCredits, the game's premium currency, for free. A few players found the similarity and commented: “ They saw what Helldivers was doing and copied their homework lol” while thinking “games should copy good features from others “.


On the other hand, some community members seem worried and ” hope they don't give away TOO much pay change to the point of losing money “. However, if more people start playing The Finals and the player count reaches new heights, it's a win-win situation for the entire community.

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