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The Finals patch brings improvements to private matches



Embark Studios has released the first post-launch update for the second season of The Finals. The patch brings improvements to private match settings and fixes a series of bugs and instabilities in maps, perks and equipment.

Starting this week, you can select the map you want when starting private room matches. Furthermore, the servers are more stable and there are matchmaking fixes that allow players from different platforms to join the same team without any major problems.

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The Monaco and Skyway Stadium landmarks have undergone spawn and traversal adjustments, while the SYS$HORIZON area's performance, polish, and destruction effects have been improved.

Finally, The Finals patch mentions bug fixes for C4s and ziplines, UI fixes, and balance changes for the SA1216 weapon and the Glitch Grenade and Glitch Traps gadgets.

Security system in The Finals is reinforced

The second season of The Finals had its security reinforced. Embark Studios has applied improvements to hacker prevention and detection, as well as a ban progression tool based on three strikes.

To check out the full update notes, just click here.

The Finals is available for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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