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The Great Web has an incredible new trailer



Just like in the Spider-Man animations in AranhaVerso, the web that connects the lives of all the spider heroes would be in danger in the narrative of Spider-Man: The Great Web. Insomniac's Spider-Man multiplayer had another gameplay video published on the internet showing more details of the plot.

Rumors suggest that the title was cancelled, but apparently, the PlayStation studio had prepared a lot of content for it. In yet another trailer narrated by Peter Parker, the adventure through New York City and several multidimensional openings were present. You can check it out by clicking here.

The Sinister Six still appears in this new trailer for Spider-Man: The Great Web, however, even with new scenes, what stands out this time is the change in the video's final slogan. From “Be stronger. Together”, the final message was changed to “Protect the Multiverse. Together.”

Insomniac Games never officially commented on this project — even though another trailer already appeared on the web last Tuesday (12). However, the leaks even indicate a possible involvement of the Scarlet Witch in the process of breaking the protection of the Great Web. Would this be interesting?

Logo for the canceled Spider-Man Game

Could Spider-Man: The Great Web be “Sony’s GTA Online”?

Spider-Man: The Great Web, in one of the recent slides leaked after the cyber attack suffered by Insomniac, was presented as a kind of GTA Online. In other words, the title would receive constant updates and have seasons inspired by different themes. Find out more here!

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